'Real Housewives Of Atlanta's "Glamping" Trip Prompts Porsha To Produce Some Anger Management Receipts

Mark Hill/Bravo

Things have started to heat up around Porsha this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and before the big glamping trip, the ladies are really trying to make sure that Porsha does something dramatic enough to derail the short vacation. I mean, I wouldn't want to go on a camping trip with the RHOA either, but Kenya, these are not your best trolling efforts. After derisively asking Porsha if she gets a "certificate" for her anger management, Kenya gets angry when Phaedra produces an anger management certificate with as close as this woman can get to wit and good humor? She's clearly spoiling for a fight.

But I understand why Porsha decides to bring some backup to this trip. She is trying to provide some receipts for the claim that she's been successfully attending anger management for the last three seasons, despite little evidence of her anger changing significantly until the start of this filming cycle. Ergo, the "crispy" doctor's note allowing her quick-thinking sister to come on the rapidly expanding trip (pretty much everyone has a friend there to back them up and act as their yes man). And honestly, right now, Porsha's sister does seem like a great emergency backup.

After all, right now Porsha is dealing with a crumbling front. Kandi isn't pleased with her, especially after ditching out on Shamea's engagement party, Kenya is out for blood, and Phaedra isn't providing much help. Shereé enjoys watching lesser Housewives battle it out, and Cynthia is too busy running lines with Kenya and Matt from their truncated relationship storyline. Overall, this Housewives cast has never been so divided, especially when you consider that some of the series' biggest agitators — like NeNe — aren't even in the cast anymore. Let's hope Porsha's anger management certificate is laminated, because she's going to need it in the episodes ahead.