'Real Housewives' Star Kyle Richards Explains Where Her Friendship Triangle With Lisa and Dorit Stands Now

Bravo/Nicole Weingart

Fans of the Real Housewives franchise get invested in the show's friendships as if they were their own. And when it comes to OGs like Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and their drama with Dorit Kemsley, every true RHOBH fan has an opinion. In the current season of the Bravo series, longtime pals Kyle and Lisa have had an interesting shift in dynamic since the addition of Lisa's friend Dorit. At the recent grand opening of Nassif MD & Associates in Beverly Hills, Kyle filled us in on why these tensions have built up and where her relationships with both women stand today.

Here's what happened (in summary): It all started when Lisa walked out of a lunch with Kyle and Dorit when she felt she was being excluded. (Cue the dramatic exit that left Dorit and Kyle with their jaws dropped.) At a later dinner with the women, Dorit explained what happened, insinuating that Lisa was a needy friend (while Lisa and Kyle were out together). Then, when they were on an NYC trip, Kyle was frustrated because she felt Lisa held Dorit to a different, lower standard (like offering to go home with Dorit so she wasn't alone, leaving Kyle in tears). Since, Lisa has given Dorit a hard time while Dorit showers her with extra attention to save their friendship.

Whew. now that that's out of the way, where are the ladies in real life? According to Kyle, all of the emotion was real, and it's still something that's still being sorted out.

The reality TV star insists that she actually has a great relationship with Dorit and that she and Lisa's friendship is an ongoing work in progress. "I actually really adore Dorit and the audience has given her a hard time. It’s always hard to see that," she says. Dorit, who's found herself in the middle of of several different dramas since she joined the show last year, isn't totally what she seems, according to Kyle. "The audience sees her as one way and I spend a lot of time with her in person," she says.

In fact, Kyle actually has tons of respect for her newer co-star. "Dorit’s not a bad person, she’s a good person. She’s not doing these things to be malicious, I think her mouth gets her in trouble sometimes," she says. "But I can also respect someone who’s at least being honest, showing their true colors as opposed to someone trying to be so PC. That’s really boring. I like watching her, she makes me laugh."

That said, the shift in dynamic between Kyle and Lisa did happen as a result of Kyle's friendship with Dorit. "Obviously we have our issues, that all really happened, it did," Kyle says. "I don’t understand why Lisa is like, ‘Oh it’s fine’ with Dorit yet I’m under a microscope. I was just at my breaking point."

To audiences, it's apparent that Lisa is harder on Kyle than she is on Dorit, and Kyle said that's something she wants to work on. "Of course we’re better now, but she still holds me to a different standard," Kyle explains. "And that’s fine if you’re such good friends, but, you can’t be saying, ‘Oh, this one’s my best friend’ all of a sudden and let things slide like that. It wasn’t making sense to me and I was feeling very frustrated."

If fans remember, Kyle was in tears and barely speaking during the car ride home from their night out in NYC. "When I’m frustrated, I get emotional like a child," she jokes. "I always panic to the producers like, ‘I’m so embarrassed I cried.’ That scene on the bus, the argument I had with Dorit, I had my purse in front of my face for the longest time and then I got foundation all over it. I didn’t want to be seen doing that."

This triangle has certainly brought out different sides of all three women, but Kyle swears none of this drama has been to entertain viewers. "I have never done anything for the show in eight years," she says. "Our show isn’t lightly scripted or set up, so everything just unfolds as it happens, which is why it’s actually more confusing... stuff builds up over time."

It's good to hear these women are working it out, even if fans love the occasional Lisa V. jab every now and then.