This Couple Is Shaky On 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

by Allie Gemmill
Scott Everett White/The CW

As Season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend winds down, the writing on the wall couldn't be clearer: Josh and Rebecca should not be together. Abandon all hope, ye who hath somehow retained it up to this point. There's doom on the horizon and it's best we begin to brace ourselves for the inevitable break-up. Listen, I'm not trying to be morose about this. Josh and Rebecca are literally setting themselves for me to slam-dunk this one.

Things have never been more shaky between these lovebirds than in the days following Josh's surprise proposal. Perhaps it was then that we can pinpoint the actual first sign of trouble. Just as Rebecca was about to make a breakthrough about the origins of her deep-seated issues and admit to herself she needed to break up with Josh, he burst through the door and got down on one knee.

But that was so long ago. On Friday night's episode, the warning signs got bigger and clearer. When Paula and Rebecca caught up with each other during their morning coffee break, Paula began asking Rebecca exactly how she felt about being engaged. Were she and Josh totally loved up? Unable to leave bed due to overwhelmingly amorous feelings? Did she still get goosebumps when he kissed her?

Colleen Hayes/The CW

Rebecca may have said "Yes," but her facial expressions betrayed a woman who, deep down, knew something wasn't right. She tried to reassure herself when attempting to enthusiastically confirm it to Paula, but we all saw it. The look: doubt.

It happened again when, after booking the Step Brothers "Catalina Wine Mixer" location for their wedding two years down the road, Rebecca asked Josh to kiss her neck, décolletage, and ears. "Keep going. Try here. Here. Here," she pushed. All kisses and no results. No goosebumps, chills, or even stirrings of excitement. We got trouble, right here in West Covina.

Sure, these are small signs, but they add up. If anything, Friday night's episode has proved that not only is this wedding between Josh and Rebecca entirely ill-begotten, but the adorable rom-com Rebecca believes she is in with Josh is entirely hollow. Now, she's pushed up their wedding so that she can avoid telling Josh she has feelings for Nathaniel and somehow prove to everyone that she is resolute in sticking with Josh. And for what reason? This is madness.

Rebecca is definitely getting wise to her own true feelings, but whether or not she will have the strength to cut the cord is another matter entirely.