Recap 'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 3 So Far Because The Mystery Is Just Getting Started

Nicole Wilder/ABC

I have to admit, I put off watching the midseason finale of How To Get Away With Murder after getting spoiled about who was "under the sheet," but I am caught up now and ready to move on. The third season of How To Get Away With Murder is decidedly less gothic than the first two, but still playing with time in a way that make the murder mysteries fun to solve as an audience member. Before the series returns, here's a quick recap of How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 thus far.

This season's big flash forward mystery was particularly tight-lipped. It didn't involve a new client, or a revealing secret from someone's past — at least, as far as we know. The mystery night involved Annalise bawling over a mystery body in an ambulance, and her home going up in flames. We weren't even sure who was dead until the final episode, and still don't know what caused and explosion that resulted in Annalise's house burning down. The group was also separated that night, which made piecing everything together even more difficult.

This season, we learned a little more about Michaela's family life. Frank returned to town after fleeing the scene and went on a bit of a murder spree in which he got revenge on his former colleagues' enemies as a way to win back their trust. In the flash forwards, Annalise had Oliver wipe her phone. Here are some other key points from Season 3.

Who's Dead Now

Wallace Mahoney, and Wes himself. Who killed the puppy? We're not sure. All we know is that Laurel was in the house when it was burning, and Wes was already dead when the fire started.

Oh and Rebecca is still dead, her body was found in the woods — and that's why Annalise was arrested.

Who's Hooking Up Now

First Wes and Meggy, then Wes and Laurel again. Michaela and Asher but not Connor and Oliver. Bonnie and Frank, but (shockingly) it's complicated. Nate starts sleeping with an ADA who really hates Annalise.

Oh and Laurel is pregnant.

Who's Working For Who

Annalise was suspended by the university, so she stopped drinking, started going to AA meetings, and started a pro bono clinic. That allowed the Keating 5-6 to start working for her again.

Oh and Oliver also got a job, officially joining the team. Is he the new puppy, now that Wes is gone? Hopefully Wes will still be in a good part of How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 as the mystery of who killed him unfolds.