Recap 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7A

by Caitlin Flynn
Ron Tom/Freeform

In June 2010, our lives changed for the better when Pretty Little Liars premiered and changed the teen drama game in a major way. It's hard to believe that Season 7B, which premieres on April 18 on Freeform, marks the end of our journey with Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. In addition to spending hours upon hours theorizing about the identities and motives of every member of the A team, viewers have grown attached to this amazing group of best friends and it's going to be super emotional to bid farewell. But, all good things must come to an end. It's been awhile since that dramatic finale, so let's recap Pretty Little Liars Season 7A before the final installment (*sob*) hits our small screens.

When the season kicked off, the Liars and Caleb frantically raced against the clock to #SaveHanna, who had been captured by A.D. She was held hostage and tortured in a manner that rivaled what the Liars had suffered in the Dollhouse (which is really saying something) and it was beyond heartbreaking. After what was either a dream sequence or a visit from someone wearing a Spencer mask (that's still up for debate), Hanna successfully escaped and was picked up by none other than Mary Drake who just happened to be driving on a wooded road near Hanna's captivity site. (Highly suspicious, am I right?)

Here's what happened after Hanna's harrowing escape from A.D.

The Liars Kill Elliott Rollins In A Car Crash

With Ali hospitalized in psychiatric institution, the Liars delve into Elliott Rollins past — and they discover that he stole someone else's identity and he's working with Mary Drake. As they rush to save Ali, Elliott runs in front of the Liars' car, which is driven by Hanna. She hits him, and he dies instantly. They take matters into their own hands (because, of course) and bury Elliott in the woods.

Jenna Returns To Rosewood

No positive sentence ever begins with "Jenna's back," but this character sure does keep things interesting. When she comes back to Rosewood, the Liars do some investigating and learn that she was working with Rollins — whose real name is Archer Dunhill. Meanwhile, she jumps at the opportunity to become BFFs with Shower Harvey, because they have the shared goal of bringing down the Liars.

Aria & Ezra Get Engaged

Aria, who has completely forgotten about Liam, quickly rekindles her romance with Ezra. She accepts his marriage proposal and they begin making arrangements for their upcoming wedding. A major wrench is thrown into their plans when it turns out that Nicole, Ezra's ex-girlfriend who was missing and presumed dead, has been found alive in South America. Aria learns about this recent development when she watches the pair reunite and kiss passionately on live TV. Awkward.

Sara Harvey Is Murdered

Byron Cohen/Freeform

Shortly after bonding with Jenna, Sara is found murdered in her room at The Radley. Her killer remains at large, but there's no shortage of suspects.

The Liars Learn That Mary Drake Has A Second Child

The Liars break into a secret cellar in Carol Ward's house and discover that Jessica DiLaurentis kept files on all the girls. (Creepy.) But, their most jaw-dropping discovery is that Mary gave birth to not one, but two children while she was at Radley. So, who is Charlotte's sibling? When Spencer is shot by Jenna in the 7A finale, Mary cradles her body and begs her to hang on as she declares, "I'm your mother."

But, not so fast — in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, I. Marlene King stated that we won't learn the identity of Mary's second child until Season 7B. It's highly suspicious that Mary apparently lied to Spencer — but many things about Pretty Little Liars are deeply perplexing, so this isn't a major surprise.

Hanna & Caleb Get Back Together

Everything else has gone haywire in a major way, but at least one thing is right with the world.

Noel Kahn Dies

The Liars learn that Charlotte and Noel worked together to torture them in the Dollhouse. Hanna holds Noel captive in an effort to get answers, but he escapes and leads the Liars into an abandoned school for the blind. Jenna is waiting and she shoots Spencer, but Noel trips on his own axe and accidentally decapitates himself. Rest in Peace, I suppose.

Ali Is Pregnant

Ali learns that she's pregnant with Elliott Rollins/Archer Dunhill's child. Needless to say, this is not ideal — but it does bring she and Emily closer together, so it's good news for Emison shippers.

Toby & Yvonne's Fates Are Unknown

Toby and Yvonne wisely decide to peace out of Rosewood, but a car accident leaves their fates unclear.

Jenna Shoots Spencer

Spencer is in seriously rough condition after being shot by Jenna, prompting Mary Drake to appear out of nowhere (she has a habit of doing that) and declare she's her mother. Things look dire, but all Season 7B trailers indicate that Spencer is alive and well. Phew.

The final season has a lot of mysteries to resolve. Who is really Mary's biological child? Who is Beach Hottie, or has I. Marlene King totally forgotten about him? And, of course, who is A.D. and what is his or her motive for tormenting the Liars? Before we bid goodbye to the Liars, we have a whole lot of twists, turns, and theorizing ahead of us.