Spencer Is Alive In The 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7B Trailer, So What Happens Next For Her Character?

The new Pretty Little Liars trailer has provided fans with a much-needed glimpse of Season 7B. With only 10 episodes left, it's difficult to imagine how the series will tie up all of its loose ends. However, if the trailer is anything to go by, Season 7B of Pretty Little Liars is action-packed and, most importantly, features all of the characters fans have come to love over the last few years. The trailer has also revealed the fate of Troian Bellisario on the show, as Spencer Hastings appears to be alive and well in the new PLL clip.

The midseason cliffhanger had fans concerned that Spencer might die. Following a gunshot wound, Spencer looked worse for wear, and when coupled with her emotive goodbye to Toby Cavanaugh, it felt like the end of an era. However, Spencer looks very much alive and fighting in the latest trailer, and the character has a lot to be angry about.

Now that we know that Spencer likely survives, what will she face in the final episodes of Pretty Little Liars? Will Spencer reunite with Toby? Will Mary Drake reveal all about Spencer's heritage, following the revelation that she's her birth mother? And most importantly, is Spencer actually A.D.?


Based on the trailer, it seems pretty clear that Spencer is going to have some meaningful interactions with her birth mother, Mary. In one pertinent clip, Mary covers Spencer's mouth with a gloved hand to stop her from screaming. While it doesn't look like these two are necessarily going to have a loving relationship, there is sure to be a lot of drama ahead for Spencer.

Notably, Toby is not in the Pretty Little Liars trailer at all, meaning there are no clues as to whether Spoby could be endgame. Obviously, fans are hoping that the former couple will reunite before the finale, but Keegan Allen's absence from the video makes that seem unlikely. If anything, the new trailer hints at possible new love interests for Spencer — in one scene, she is seen chatting to Wren Kingston, for instance. With Caleb close to Hanna in every trailer scene, Spaleb appear to be done forever, thank goodness.


Aside from her relationships, Spencer seems incredibly angry in the new trailer. In one shot, she brandishes a rock, and appears to bring it down violently on somebody's head. In another, she shouts at someone in the woods, telling them they've ruined her entire life. It looks like Season 7B will see Spencer stand up for herself more than ever. With the news that she was adopted at birth, she is going to have a lot to work through in new episodes, making it unsurprising that she's so furious.

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There is also still a possibility that Spencer is A.D.. Based upon the new trailer, one thing is for sure. Spencer won't hold back in Season 7B, and she's ready to get some answers, much like the rest of us.

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