Recap ‘The Mindy Project' Season 5 So Far

Vivian Zink/Universal Television

The second Hulu season of The Mindy Project returns with a new episode on Tuesday. What started with a romantic cliffhanger became Mindy's most run-of-the-mill relationship ever — which may or may not be exactly what she needs. Before you catch what comes next, here's a quick recap of The Mindy Project Season 5 so you know where things stand.

Mindy's relationship with Danny Castellano ended traumatically (for me, not for the character) in Season 4. However, there was a moment at the end of the season where they could have rekindled their flame, but that ended up not happening. Fortunately, her budding relationship with Jody was also nipped.

In the seven episodes that have already aired on Hulu, Mindy Lahiri has been mostly focused her relationship with Ben, a pediatric nurse who lives in New Jersey and has a young daughter. They met when the nurses at the hospital went on strike. Sure, Mindy went out with a Benedict Cumberbatch/Tom Hiddleston type when she learned that she and Ben weren't exclusive, and smooched B.J. Novak's character Jamie at a party, but this season has mostly been all about Ben.

Their relationship isn't perfect. Mindy has trouble admitting to her friends that he works as a nurse and not something more glamourous. However, after relationships with eccentric weirdos fizzled out when practicality got in the way, Ben isn't a bad choice.

What else happened? The practice hired a second female doctor. Jeremy had a heart attack. Mindy encouraged her mother to write her own acting material. Mindy also took a part time gig with the midwives that hasn't really come up again. It's a short season, so there haven't been too many twists and turns. However, Danny married Greta Gerwig's character even though he was having doubts. Unfortunately, after the afore-mentioned kiss, Ben dumped Mindy in the final moment of the midseason finale. That's the last we saw of her. There is definitely some drama coming there now when The Mindy Project returns.