These Are The Red Flags You're Most Likely To Notice, Based On Your Partner's Sign

As with personality traits, some red flags are more common for certain zodiac signs than others. And that makes perfect sense, doesn't it? If you know that Aries or Capricorns often think and act a certain way, and have different positive and negative traits, then it stands to reason you might be able to spot potential red flags — and the resulting incompatibility — issues before they get out of hand.

While you'll want to apply your observational skills and your gut instincts here, too, it never hurts to look to the stars when trying to figure out if your relationship will last. If your partner has a difficult personality quirk or two, or a trait that might make them difficult to date, the sooner you notice it, the sooner you can work together to overcome it.

"Red flags are not always deal breakers, but they can indicate potential problems in the future," professional astrologer Rachel Lang tells Bustle. "When you see red flags, know that they represent behavioral patterns that have been present for a long time. It takes work (like therapy and healing) to break those behavioral patterns, but it is possible. You have to set your own baseline for determining whether or not those behavioral patterns are healthy for you."

Below, Lang's take on which red flags you're most likely to notice based on your partner's sign, as well the best ways to handle those negative qualities — all in the name of creating a healthier relationship.

Aries: Arrogance

Aries are often the loveliest, most charismatic people. But since their self-assuredness can border on arrogance, you'll want to keep an eye out and make sure it doesn't cross over into full on narcissism.

"Pay attention to what they reveal about themselves on the first date. If you notice any signs of narcissism, consider those big red flags, and see what you can do differently in the relationship to avoid feeling diminished or less important." Or, if it's just not something you want to deal with, know that it's OK to move on.

Taurus: Stubbornness

As you know, Taurus folks can be pretty set in their ways. "This could become frustrating in a relationship because healthy relationships grow, change, and evolve through various stages of life." So take note of any signs of stubbornness early on, if it appears to be an issue you'll need to work on together.

"If Taurus seems afraid of making a move or resistant to making a change, try to be compassionate. They often will come around, but they like to do so on their own terms. The more pressure they feel, the more stubborn they become."

Gemini: Boredom

It never feels good to be with someone who acts bored all the time, or worse — someone who tries to cure their boredom by creating drama. And yet, this is a red flag to watch out for when dating a Gemini. "Gemini can get bored easily, and when they do, they can use their creative energy to stir up some chaos in their lives."

This tendency can obviously cause drama you just don't need. So decide now if that's something you'd rather not deal with, or if it's something you can work on.

Cancer: Over-Sensitivity & Mood Swings

Cancer is a very sensitive sign, and that can be great when it comes to feeling all the feelings in your relationship. But it can also be an indicator that your future together will be full of mood swings and drama.

It might also mean you're with someone who won't be able to effectively communicate. "Cancers can close off or shut down when emotions get too intense, and you might get the silent treatment without knowing what happened. They may also exhibit passive aggressive tendencies."

Leo: Drama, Drama, Drama

Leo definitely has a flair for the dramatic, which can make them fun and incredibly interesting to be around. But this trait can feel a little intense, and can even get out of control as the years go on.

If that's not the life you're looking for, Leo might not be a good match for you. There are, however, ways to temper their theatrics. "Understand Leo's desire for recognition and creative expression." And encourage them to channel that energy into something creative, instead of taking it out on your relationship.

Virgo: Constant Criticism

You don't want to be with someone who dishes out criticism left and right. But it can help to know why your Virgo partner might be doing so, so that you can both work together to nip it in the bud. "Often, if things are going well, Virgo might go into mental overdrive to try to figure out what could go wrong. But they do this when they feel insecure or afraid."

Libra: Conflict Avoidance

Hey, nobody likes to fight. But Libras are the type to go MIA at the first sign of conflict. And that's not OK. "This can lead to relationship problems in the future because conflicts need to be resolved or resentment and disappointment can build."

Scorpio: Vindictiveness

Scorpios make loyal, loving partners. But if they even think you're trying to cross them, things can quickly spiral out of control "If they feel hurt in any way, they can find ways to get back. That scorpion stinger could come out to get you when you least expect it!"

They're also a bit secretive, which can make communication difficult as time goes on. That's why, if you're going to date a Scorpio, it's important to develop effective communication early on.

Sagittarius: Fear Of Commitment

Sagittarius is often easy to get along with, since they're an open-minded, fun-loving bunch. But many have a problem with commitment, and you might notice signs of it early on. "This does not mean they will never make a commitment, but you might experience resistance from them.

"If you feel as if Sagittarius has one foot out the door, pay attention to this signal. Sagittarius needs to know they can still be free inside of a relationship. So, pressure to commit might actually push them away."

Capricorn: Mismatched Priorities

If your partner is about to push you out of their life, watch for red flags that they're no longer making you a priority. "A big challenge for Capricorn in relationships is keeping the relationship a top priority. Their public and professional lives become so much of a focus, they may develop a whole separate life that excludes their special someone."

This can obviously lead to problems down the road. "If you start to see that happen with your Capricorn partner, find ways to connect immediately. Be interested in their lives, and do activities together." If things are meant to work out, that should do the trick.

Aquarius: Lack Of Passion

Since passion is what keeps a relationship alive, it's not a great sign if your SO's interest starts to dwindle. "If you are with an Aquarius, and they start to become detached, this is a red flag and could be a sign of problems to come."

Not only is it often a sign they feel disinterested in the relationship, but it can also mean they're about to turn their attention elsewhere. "They will focus all of their time and energy on friendships, social commitments, and work. Over time, this behavior hurts a relationship because their partner could feel left behind. When this happens, the passion dies, and it takes effort to repair the separation."

Pisces: Codependency

The two red flags to watch for when dating a Pisces are addictive behaviors and codependency, since both can spell disaster for your relationship. Both issues are common reactions for Pisces, who often look for ways to escape — often turning to addictive behaviors.

There is good news, though, since Pisces are great at healing themselves, as well as others. "They’re usually willing to heal and get to the bottom of any major issue." And that's wonderful for the future of your relationship. If you do find yourself with someone who has a red flag or two, it's often possible to move past it.

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