Watching Reese Witherspoon & Adam Rippon Meeting Will Be The Best 6 Minutes Of Your Day

Last month's 2018 Winter Olympics was a time to celebrate the most incredible athletes in the world, but mostly, it was a time to fall in love with Adam Rippon. Between his talent, self-confidence, and sassy tweets, there's nothing not to love about him, and Reese Witherspoon definitely agrees. On Wednesday night, Rippon and Witherspoon met for the first time on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and that moment was definitely worth the wait — for them and for the rest of the world.

Their love affair goes back to early February, when Witherspoon tweeted that Rippon was the best reason to watch the Olympics. Having seen this, Rippon — who was already a huge fan of Witherspoon —replied in the cutest way possible about how he was flipping out and they should probably star in a movie together about their Twitter friendship.

Of course, Witherspoon isn't the only person or celebrity who discovered how awesome Rippon is, but the fact that the feeling was so mutual really made their Twitter exchange that much more wonderful. Even if they never got to meet face to face, those tweets were enough to cause all kinds of excitement from fans around the world.

But they did get to meet in person, thanks to Colbert, and seeing them hug and chat for the first time was nothing short of magical — especially if you're a fan of them both. The compliments were flying left and right. Witherspoon told him that he smells good and is more handsome in person, while Rippon said that her legs are amazing, which is totally true. According to him, he first fell in love with her when watching Legally Blonde for the first time (and isn't that true of so many of us?) and that love hasn't died down since.

He also told an unfortunate tale about how he lost a shirt button while he was getting ready for his appearance, and although he tried to use his bronze medal to hide it, the hole had become so big that it was more of a pocket the medal kept slipping into. He had to take the medal off to show the hole, which meant that Witherspoon got to hold it... and she had the reaction that most of us regular folk would have getting to touch an Olympic medal.

Obviously, to truly appreciate Rippon's comedic genius, you have to watch the interview for yourself. There's a very good chance that it will be the best six minutes and 18 seconds of your entire day:

Oh, and by the way, Witherspoon has memorized one of Rippon's most famous tweets, and even recited it for him, admitting that it may or may not be the screensaver on her phone. How cute is that?

Witherspoon has already shared a photo from their time together on Twitter, and this is definitely going to be something she remembers forever. It's hard to decide who's luckier: Rippon for meeting Witherspoon, or Witherspoon for meeting Rippon? It might just be a tie.

It's really exciting to see them both get the chance to meet someone they admire so much, especially since they were both pretty pumped about the situation. So many bad things are happening in the world, but we will always have this unequivocally happy and pure moment shared between Reese Witherspoon and Adam Rippon. And Stephen Colbert.

And if you're not already following Rippon on Twitter, you need to be. It's not just his tweet that Witherspoon memorized that's total gold — basically everything he tweets is that perfect, period.