Remy Ma Said "Nicki, What's Good?" At The 2017 VMAs & Twitter Is Not Having It

Getty Images/Bustle

If you stuck around to watch the MTV VMAs after the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale began, you were in for... not a treat. Right before a commercial break, Remy Ma dissed Nicki Minaj at the 2017 VMAs, and Twitter appears to be over this clapback. "Nicki, what's good?" Remy Ma said before the commercials began, an allusion to when Minaj said "Miley, what's good?" at the 2015 MTV VMAs and nearly caused Miley Cyrus to wet herself in fear. But rather than leaping on this moment as an amazing one for Ma, the internet collectively rolled their eyes at her for perpetuating this feud with anything other than amazing music.

From the longrunning feud between Ma and Minaj, we've gotten diss tracks like "ShETHER" and "No Frauds." From the same feud, we also got this TV moment — but this TV moment isn't what the internet wanted to see. Apparently, people on Twitter think that Ma needs to keep Minaj's name out her mouth, and that bringing her up now, right before Minaj is due to perform on stage, has made Ma seem like she needs to talk about Minaj in order to stay relevant.

Like, girl, you had the air time to promote anything that you wanted. Why make this about Minaj instead of about you? Well, Twitter's not having it.

1. Stay Relevant

Or don't, as the case may be.

2. This Should Have Been Your Moment

Get it together, Remy Ma.

3. #Bye

I guess this is one fan lost.

4. Welp

That does seem like a waste of words.

5. Say It In A Diss Track

Or don't say it at all.

6. Nicki Said It Better

Better luck next time.

7. Legendary, This Was Not

Seems legit.

8. Always A Good Time For This Gif

Mariah Carey is such an icon.

9. So Tragic

Maybe she took her cue from Taylor Swift's music video?

10. She's Just Jealous

Or so some believe.

11. It Was Nice Seeing You

But Twitter would like Remy Ma to remove herself from this narrative.

12. Even Non-Fans Are Over It

Not a good look.

13. Waiting For The Clap Back

Don't let us down, Nicki.

14. Burn

This is, perhaps, the harshest tweet at all.

At the end of the day, Twitter would have loved to see Remy Ma come out tonight. But not if she's just going to make her appearance about Nicki Minaj. Enough is enough.