You Can Buy Rice Krispies Treat Mixes In A Jar At Walmart Now


Some years ago, a culinary genius realized a simple cereal could be transformed into a sweet, crunchy, airy snack. The Rice Krispies treat is a school bake sale favorite, but is truly deserving off much more praise. Chances are you've had a fair share of pre-made treats outfitted in their recognizable shiny turquoise wrappers. But, really, you should have been making them yourself all along; it's amazingly simple to do. The process just got easier and more colorful thanks to Rice Krispies Treats Pastel Confetti Bites mix that comes in a jar.

Junk food Instagrammer ThreeSnackateers first spotted the mix at Walmart, where it's marketed purely as Rice Krispie Treats Pastel Confetti Bites. It totally embodies the two most central components of the product: it is a mix, and it is in a jar. In the jar of Pastel confetti bite Rise Krispies Treat mix you will find a base layer of Rice Krispies cereal, followed by a layer of mini marshmallows. Typical ingredients. But, in between these two is a thin layer of what sets these Rice Krispies Treats apart from your run-of-the-mill cereal bar: Sprinkles! Adding a handful of pastel sprinkles to the mix adds an eye-catching layer of color to a typically beige treat. It is hard to imagine this mix's availability right before the spring baking season is a coincidence, either.

If you've never made your own Rice Krispies treats before, it really cannot be overstated just how mind-blowingly simple of a process it is to make them. Here's how it works, according to the Original Rice Krispies Treat recipe: First, you melt three tablespoons, around a third of a stick, of butter in a sauce pan. Next, add four cups of mini marshmallows. Be sure to stir them together until they become smooth and pasty, but thin enough to easily more a spoon through. Once the two are melted and completely mixed together, you add six cups of Rice Krispies and mix until they are fully incorporated. Put the sticky cereal mix into a pan, let cool and cut into bars, or with a cookie cutter for something extra special.

The Pastel Confetti Treat Bites mix does not make as many bars as the traditional recipe does. Even by looking at an Instagram photo, it is plain there is no way six cups of cereal are contained in the jar. But, this means you won't end up with way too many treats; even the traditional recipe notes the treats are best when eaten the same day.

Per the product description on the Walmart website, the jar of mix makes 18-20 confetti bites when prepared. Remember, too, to add the sprinkles to the mix after the cereal and marshmallow-butter mix have been integrated.

But who says you have to stop there? Just because other enhancements aren't included in the jar doesn't meant they're off limits! Experiment with a little bit of food coloring — a drop here or there — to make the entire batter a springy pastel hue. The jar of mix retails for $4.98, and can be bought on Walmart's website. But the knowledge you can make something more delicious and fun than the lunchbox staple of your childhood? Priceless.