Rihanna Is A ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fan & The Show’s Cast Is Loving It

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you found out that Rihanna routinely bears witness to your drunken shenanigans as they play out on national TV (or your husband's, or your friend's), what would you do? Judging by the Vanderpump Rules cast's reactions to Rihanna's Instagram post revealing she's a fan of the show, it seems the appropriate answer (in this case, at least) might be something something along the lines of "celebrate, obviously."

In a funny video posted to her Instagram page on April 3, Rihanna revealed that she, too, gets a kick out of watching the Vanderpump Rules cast's alcohol-induced antics transpire on television. The post — which has racked up more than 3.5 million likes and 11,000-plus comments on Instagram since RiRi first shared it with her social media following Tuesday night — features a video clip of an excerpt from Monday night's Vanderpump episode.

The clip shows Vanderpump star Tom Schwartz recounting a particularly bizarre, drunken night out to his wife and co-star, Katie Maloney, while Rihanna giggles heartily behind the camera. In her post's caption, the 30-year-old musician expressed a combination of amusement and appreciation for the video-editing masterminds at Bravo who made the episode possible. Captioning the photo, Rihanna wrote,

Easily the best clip on tv. Whoever edited this … we're besties in my head. #vanderpumprules.

Naturally, as soon as the Vanderpump Rules cast members caught wind of their fan's recent post, they all but flocked to Instagram. Tom, who spends the better part of the clip chronicling the fuzzy events of the night before (he remembers "tequila shots — lots of tequila shots" and "penis flutes," he tells the camera, just before the episode promptly plays back a video reel of the reality star downing said tequila shots), kept the word count to a minimum in his reply. Commenting on Rihanna's post, Schwartz kept it simple with a string of side-by-side emojis that probably sum up what anyone in his position might be feeling right about now: a crying face and a red heart.


Katie — who appears in the clip, too — was slightly more verbose in her reaction, though not by much. But similar to her husband's word-less reply, Katie's comment also seemed to echo the kind of flabbergasted response that anyone might have upon finding out that Rihanna watches them on TV. "lol! Dude," Katie wrote, commenting on Rihanna's post. Honestly, at that point, what else could one really say?

Though fellow Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent didn't make a cameo in the episode clip captured by Rihanna, the SUR staffer still took the opportunity to share her excitement. After all, the fact that a music icon like Rihanna watches your TV show is, without a doubt, a pretty big deal. If Lala's reaction on Instagram was any indication, it seems like she'd probably have to agree. Captioning her repost of Rihanna's video clip, Lala paid tribute to her fellow SUR crew. "Shout out to my squad," Lala wrote. "We may be a hot mess, but f*ck it… @badgalriri is watching us be a hot mess, so I'm cool with it." A distinctly Lala reply, as fans of the show (Rihanna included!) have already been made well-aware.

While Tom and Katie refrained from any sort of repost (or extended commentary, for that matter), it seems Rihanna's name still managed to find its way into each of the married couple's respective Instagram pages. Tom's most recent Instagram post — a cute selfie of him and Katie, also shared Tuesday — has gleaned more than 30,000 likes on the social media platform. This, in contrast to those posts that came before it, which generally received — at most — half that number. The post's comments section is littered with newly-minted fans, many of whom wrote something along the lines of "Rihanna brought me here."

There's a similar situation in the comments section of Katie's most recent post. Plus, Rihanna followed both Katie and Tom on Instagram. So, there's always that.

No word yet on how the rest of the Vanderpump cast is dealing with the news of their superstar fan. But, rest assured, Bravo's Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen certainly had something to say. Joining the Instagram post's lengthy comment thread Wednesday morning, Cohen felt there was some cause for celebration, too. "Riri watches #pumprules !!!!" the Bravo host wrote, tacking several confetti emojis onto the end of his comment.

This isn't the first time that Rihanna has openly revealed a TV show obsession to members of the series cast itself. Two weeks ago, former Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul recounted a time when Rihanna (who, as her social media following might remember, was something of a Breaking Bad superfan) literally jumped out of an unmarked SUV to meet him in person. Who's to say how an equally surreptitious meeting between Rihanna and the Vanderpump cast would play out in real-life — until then, social media interaction will just have to be enough.