Aaron Paul Recalled Meeting Rihanna & Drake, Because The Musicians Loved 'Breaking Bad' Just As Much As You Did — VIDEO

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If you thought high-powered Hollywood celebrities were immune to feeling star-struck, think again. Even Rihanna and Drake lose their chill sometimes. In honor of Breaking Bad's 10-year anniversary, former series star Aaron Paul recalled meeting Rihanna and Drake during a Friday night, March 16, appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. After waxing nostalgic about the decade that has passed since Breaking Bad first kicked off (its first season premiered in January 2008), Paul chronicled a handful of notable run-ins with two of the series' most dedicated fans. Lucky for Paul, those dedicated fans happened to be pop music super-moguls, Rihanna and Drake.

Suffice to say, Paul wasn't quite so "cool, calm, and collected" about the meet-ups, either. (Honestly, who could be?) As Paul explained to Jimmy Fallon during Friday night's segment, it was Drake who flagged him down first. The two met randomly in a Paris parking garage, Paul said. Upon getting out of his own car, Paul remembered spotting the rap musician standing outside a van nearby — entourage in tow. "I'm like, 'Oh my God, there's Drake!'" the actor told Fallon. "And then he just looks at me and runs over and just gives me the biggest hug and told me that he loved me. It was great — it was a great moment between us."

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As most pop-culturally attuned folks would probably agree, hearing an "I love you" from Drake is a pretty monumental happening, in and of itself. The fact that Paul later enjoyed a similarly giddy interaction with Rihanna (oddly, they met in a parking garage, too) just seems like icing on the cake.

"[Drake] told me that he got Rihanna into the show," Paul told Fallon, neatly segueing into his follow-up account, "which, I love Rihanna." Then, recounting his first interaction with the superstar singer, Paul told Fallon,

"I was just at some event and an SVU was driving by me and it stops, and the back door opens and it’s Rihanna and she jumps out. I'm like, 'Oh my God, there's Rihanna,' and she starts literally running towards me. I'm like, 'She can't be running towards me, you know?'"

But, as it turns out, she was. "And then she threw her arms around me and said, 'I had to meet you, I needed proof of this,'" Paul continued. "And then paparazzi took some pictures of us, and my life was made."

Judging by Rihanna's response to their impromptu rendezvous, it seems pretty safe to say the feeling was mutual. After posing for a couple paparazzi-helmed snapshots, the superstar musician took to Twitter to share one of the photos with her social media following. After all, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. (Or, in this case, the proof is in Rihanna's Twitter post). The delightfully goofy photo sees Rihanna and Paul looking particularly chummy as the singer — clutching Paul's shoulder like an old friend — throws up a two-fingered "bunny ear" behind the actor's head. Captioning the tweet, Rihanna echoed Paul's excitement. "My life has been completed!!!" she wrote, finishing with a hashtag that pretty much says it all: "#Pinkman4President." (For the record, Jesse Pinkman was the name of Paul's meth-dealing Breaking Bad character — a role for which the actor gleaned numerous accolades during the series' 5-year run, including three Emmy wins.)

Rihanna has been pretty vocal about her Breaking Bad obsession on social media since 2013 — at least. Ahead of the show's fifth, and final, season, Rihanna took to Instagram with a sweatshirt-clad selfie (prime cozy attire for an evening of binge-watching), appropriately captioned, "This is my 'BREAKING BAD IS ON TONIGHT, AND I STILL HAVE 3 EPISODES LEFT BEFORE I CAN WATCH IT' face." We've all been there, RiRi.

Can you just imagine Drake and Rihanna discussion Breaking Bad together? What do you think they thought about Gus Fring? Do they watch Better Call Saul? For now, it's awesome to know that even Drake and Rihanna were huge fans of Breaking Bad, just like the rest of us.