Rihanna Carried A Bag So Tiny She Had To Hold It With Her Pinky

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rihanna is the type of style icon who is able to wear something completely out of left field, but make it feel natural and effortless. Rihanna's miniature Delvaux bag is a lesson in that philosophy. The Grammy-winning artist turned entrepreneur landed in New York City ahead of her Savage x Fenty runway show on Sept. 10, and strutted her stuff wearing the tiny purse to the airport. The accessory was just big enough to carry her ID — and nothing else.

For the flight, Rihanna donned black sweatpants with a matching black sweatshirt sans the sleeves. In order to pay tribute to Manhattan, Rihanna paired the sleek airport look with a $1,050 Delvaux bag that looks like a taxi cab. Since Manhattan is packed with yellow cabs, it seemed like a pretty on-theme pick for her visit. In fact, the yellow Delvaux purse is from a collection called the "Les Miniatures Big Apple," so it seems like Rihanna's on-the-nose accessory was pretty intentional.

The little handbag (if you could call it that) was so tiny that she had to hold it with her pinky. One could bet that not even a Fenty Beauty lip gloss could be wedged in there — but luckily Rihanna's sweatpants had pockets for that.

Rihanna's Delvaux purse came from a three piece "American-inspired" collection. The three tiny handbags in the collection "pay homage to the energy and passion of a city that never sleeps," according to Delvaux's website. The collection is called the "Les Miniatures Big Apple," and Rihanna's specific purse is dubbed the "Taxi Driver."

"This yellow trooper navigates the streets of New York like no other and instinctively knows how to find the place to be. It may not always choose the quickest route, but rest assured, this tiny guide will always pick the most fabulous one," the product description reads.

The second purse in the mini collection is called the "Burger Queen," taking on the shape of a classic American cheeseburger. The lettuce, tomato, and top bun is part of the opening flap of the purse.

The last handbag in the collection is called "Wonder Woman," and it takes on the aesthetic of the American flag. "Fearless and brave, this little superhero likes to be in the thick of it, ever ready to save New Yorkers in trouble. Flying high, this mini style guru never has a stripe out of place, trailing a blaze of red, white and blue behind her," the product description reads.

In case you want to copy Rihanna with your own mini purse accessory — but don't have $1,000 lying around — here are some affordable alternatives.

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