Rihanna Encouraged Voting In The Midterm Election With These Powerful Tweets

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

By now, hopefully everyone who was able to vote in Tuesday's midterm election has already cast their ballots. To all the folks from Georgia: Did you catch Rihanna's 2018 Midterm Election tweets? If you did, then hopefully the star's impassioned string of messages (some of which cropped up on her Instagram account, in addition to Twitter) throughout the afternoon, Nov. 6, prompted you to cast a ballot yourself. Or, at least reaffirmed that voting should've been a tip-top priority Tuesday. For everybody.

Anyone who's been keeping up with Rihanna's Twitter activity Tuesday knows that she's been encouraging her followers to vote (by way of some exceedingly enthusiastic tweets about Election Day and how necessary it is that those who can participate, do participate) for days now. But, most recently, the star took to Twitter with a message addressed specifically to constituents in Georgia, who voted in the day's gubernatorial race between Republican candidate Brian Kemp and Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams. Suffice to say, if Rihanna were voting in Georgia, it's pretty clear who her pick for governor would be:

"GEORGIA: I'm sure you already know, but in case you're still wondering... it's all about @StaceyAbrams for Governor! Stacey is an inspiration to women across the world!!!"

The fact that Abrams is an inspiration, on more counts than one, is a truth pretty much impossible to argue with. Though the results from Georgia's midterm elections haven't yet been released, if Abrams does win, she'll become the first black female governor in the history of U.S. politics. In case Rihanna's tweet alone didn't have her followers running over the polls already, it included a screenshot from a similar post shared to the musician's Instagram account around the same time Tuesday afternoon, which provides social media users with even more information.

Accompanying that IG post — which pictures Abrams triumphantly holding hands with Barrack Obama behind the podium at a political event in Georgia — Rihanna's caption started off the same way as her subsequent Abrams-centric tweet. But, after (rightfully) calling the candidate an "inspiration to women" everywhere, the post's caption went on to offer readers a quick breakdown of Abrams' political platform and the issues it prioritizes. Continuing, Rihanna got right down to the facts, writing,

"[Abrams] has the vision and experience to lead Georgia running on an incredible platform to: Decriminalize Poverty, End Cash Bail, Make College Debt Free, Expand Access to Healthcare"

Those who'd like to learn more about Abrams' politics and the issues she's aligned herself with can do so via the candidate's official website. Adding to those facets of her campaign platform addressed by Rihanna's IG caption, Abrams' website outlines a whole roster of additional ones, like a commitment to affordable, quality child care, gun safety, and anti-discrimination protections.

Echoing a tweet from Abrams herself Tuesday night (which alerted Georgia voters to extended polling hours, in light of reported technical difficulties throughout the day), Rihanna emphasized the importance of casting your vote, all the way up to the end. "No matter what they try, stay in line and cast your vote," she wrote, captioning another Instagram post about voter suppression later on in the afternoon.

For more motivational, resourceful messages about Tuesday's midterm elections, how to participate in them, and why it matters so much that we do, feel free to scroll through any one of Rihanna's social media accounts. And, even if Abrams doesn't win the governor's race in Georgia, cheers to Rihanna for exercising her own voice this election day — and, hopefully, prompting others to voice theirs in the process.