People Are Afraid That Rihanna Is Going To Bring Back The Skinny Eyebrow Trend

Courtesy British Vogue

Celebrities love to bring back trends, but there's one that not even the A-list celebs can make happen again. As BuzzFeed found, people are worried that Rihanna is going to bring back skinny brows because of her September Vogue issue. The teeny brows are a trend that not even the first black cover star of the magazine can bring back.

Plenty of '90s trends are making a comeback in beauty and fashion. Tiny sunglasses are one of them, but tiny brows will not be. Rihanna recently because the first black woman to cover British Vogue's September Issue. People were excited to hear the news, but, once the photo came out, they were a tad bit concerned about the trend that she rocked on the cover.

The photo is a close-up of the singer wearing all Fenty Beauty makeup — including pencil thin brows. Brows that are so thin that people are a little worried that they might make a comeback again.

"I love me some Rihanna but I'm worried these brows are gonna start trending again," Twitter user @tintethato wrote.

The fan isn't the only person that is thinking the same way, either. There are tons of tweets that have the exact same sentiment. Rihanna, go ahead and do what you do, but please don't make this trend come around again.

There are two different covers for British Vogue's September Issue this year. Both the on-stand and subscribers issue feature Rihanna with pencil thin eyebrows. Of course, this could just be the look that the publication was going for. There's also the slight chance that Rihanna, who is know for creating makeup trends, wanted it this way. The latter is what people are worried about.

There's another possibility for the teeny tiny brows as well. According to Rihanna's tweet, British Vogue used all Fenty Beauty to create the beauty look. Since the brand has yet to release an eyebrow product, maybe they didn't want to use another brand's products to create a fuller brow.

Bustle reached out to both British Vogue and Fenty Beauty to see what the creative inspiration was for the shoot.

Either way, people are not about the brows. Twitter is going crazy about the brows. It's clear that there's no way that even Rihanna can bring back this trend. Don't just take my word for it. Here's what Twitter has to say about the trend.

PSA: just because Rihanna does it doesn't mean that everyone can.

That worried face at the end of the tweet says it all.

Please, please, please think before you pluck your brows this thin.

If this Twitter user is right, then you have some time to prepare.

A major told you so moment.

A flashbulb moment in beauty.

Rihanna, you have a tribe, but it has spoken.

She did it and she gave no warning.

No matter which side of the trend you're on, you can't deny that Rihanna has major beauty influence. I guess only the next Fenty Beauty launch will tell if this trend is around to stay.