Rihanna's Birthday Cake Was A Tribute To Fenty Beauty & It Was A Werk Of Art

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rihanna doesn't do anything half-heartedly. From launching a full 40 shades of foundation straight out of the box to setting records with her music, she's already a legend. Another legend? Rihanna's Fenty Beauty birthday cake. The multi-level makeup themed confection is a monument to Rihanna's beauty industry success, and it's almost too gorgeous to eat. Actually, it's definitely too gorgeous to eat.

The Fenty Beauty Instagram account gave fans a look at how the brand is celebrating their founder for her big 30 birthday, and it's just as extra (in the most positive sense of the word) as you'd imagine. In an Instagram story, the minds at Fenty showcased a gorgeous three-tiered white cake that appeared to be the same shade as the brand's packaging. As for the layers, they were differing heights but shaped in the hexagonal look of the classic Fenty highlighters.

If you think a hexagon shaped cake is all Rihanna got, you don't know Rihanna well. Shimmering gold dripped from a massive edible Trophy Wife highlighter on top. Spread throughout the cake? Edible versions of her Fenty products. From Matchstix to smaller versions of Trophy Wife, the brand did it up for their creators birthday, and it's a total werk of art (couldn't resist that one).

In another Instagram that showcases the cake in video form, the brand wrote, "It's not even our birthday...but it's #RIHDAY." Considering that this is the cake for their founder's big day, can you imagine what's coming when Fenty Beauty turns a year old? A champagne fountain that looks like the Faux Filter bottle? What about a white and milk chocolate fondue pot shaped like the dual Killawatt highlights? The possibilities are endless.

As for who created the confection? According to a tag on the photo, it was crafted by Jasmine Rae Cakes, a designer cake creator based in San Fransisco. To say that her work is impressive is an understatement. One glance at her Instagram account, and you're sure to fall in love. It's no wonder Fenty Beauty chose her to craft the cake. She's a true artist.

As for fan reactions to the over-the-top sweet treat, they were impressed. They were actually more than impressed, and it wouldn't be a surprise if makeup themed cakes become the next big birthday trend.

Some fans are considering a career change for the cake (but not the cash kind).

People truly believe Jasmine Rae's work is art, and who can blame them? Just look at it!

While no one wants cakey makeup, they do want a makeup cake? Clever!

Of course, the cake wasn't the only way that Fenty Beauty chose to celebrate Rihanna's birthday. In honor of the actor, singer, and beauty mogul turning the big 3-0, the brand launched the Dirty Thirty edition of Trophy Wife.

The limited edition version of what could be the most talked about highlighter of 2017 features three Xs (signifying the Roman numeral 10) in honor of Rihanna's big birthday. The other packaging was also changed to a gorgeous vibrant gold with Dirty Thirty written on the front in classic Fenty lettering.

Then, of course, there's the gift that the brand gave to their founder. Rihanna got what may just be the greatest makeup present of all time in the form of a gold crystal (or are those diamonds because OMG) covered Trophy Wife highlighter. From the shimmer inside to the glitzy packaging, it was blinding, and it was fabulous.

While everyone can't get a crystal (or diamond) encrusted Trophy Wife highlighter, you may be able to pull off a makeup themed birthday cake. While the Fenty birthday cake was next level, it can definitely serve as your inspo for your next blowout.