Rihanna Wore An "I Hate Rihanna" T-Shirt — And You Can Actually Buy It

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As a chart-topping pop star, style icon, and beauty mogul, Rihanna is a constant source of inspiration. Her most memorable style moments have inspired a sock collection and there is even a cake that pays homage to Fenty Beauty. No doubt, she's a worthy muse. She even inspired a "I Hate Rihanna" T-shirt the songstress couldn't help but wear herself.

Let's keep it real. Anything that Rihanna wears is fashion gold. She takes some of the hugest fashion risks and it always pays off, whether she's rocking an elegant cape gown or a dress full of 3D structural embellishments. Girlfriend even makes bathleisure look high-end, proving she can slay a bath towel as if it were an Hèrmes scarf. There's just no competing with her iconic style.

So when Rihanna wore a T-shirt that seemingly hated on her greatness, it was both a fashion statement and a hilarious style moment.

Creeping up on her 30 birthday, Rihanna took to Instagram to commemorate her last moments in her 20s. Looking as trendy as ever, the Fenty Beauty owner struck a pose in a casual "I Hate Rihanna" tee that you can actually purchase for yourself (although why would you want to?) if you want to steal her cool-girl style. In tiny print underneath, the shirt reads, "Don't Trust Anyone Under 30."

Quite the stunner in cornrows, a power red lippie, and jumbo hoop earrings, Rihanna stood fiercely before the camera in the funny tee. She paired it with muted pink shades that gave the look a monochromatic, retro flair.

"Last day to make a bad decision and blame it on my 20s," Badgalriri captioned the photo she uploaded to her Instagram story on Feb. 19.

She rocked the salmon-lettered tee as a pseudo mini dress, making for quite the ironic fashion choice. Next to the "Don't Trust Anyone Under 30", she added the side eyes emoji, saluting her pre-30-year-old status in a comical way.

I Hate Rihanna T-Shirt, $130, Red Bull Arts New York

Sold by an unlikely retailer, the RiRi tee is available for purchase if you're hoping to copy the singer's effortless look. This oversized cotton will cost you a pretty penny, though.

It's currently sold on the Red Bull Arts New York website gift shop. According to the retailers "about" description, "Red Bull Arts New York is an experimental, non-commercial arts space dedicated to offering new opportunities to local and international artists by supporting bold ideas and ambitious projects".

This is an odd place for the T-shirt, considering the gift shop carriers a limited selection of apparel. The Rihanna tee also seems to be the only article of clothing related to a celebrity.

Bad Dad Track Jacket, $200, Red Bull Arts New York

But there is a matching jacket to complete your Rihanna-hating look. It's all out of humor and love, of course. And you'll look damn cool while wearing all of it.

Puke T-Shirt, $130, Red Bull Arts New York

The site even carries similar style T-shirts, like this one stating, "See a child and puke." Which, same.

If you want to proclaim your true love for Rihanna, maybe try proclaiming your hate instead. After all, Rihanna started the self-hating trend — and she makes it look damn cool.