This Woman Was Told Her Lips Are Too Big For Red Lipstick & Fenty Beauty Came To Her Defense

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty has a simple motto — beauty for all. The company is not merely paying lip service to that concept, either. Case in point: In the comments of a Dec. 1 Fenty Instagram post featuring the game-changing Stunna Lip Paint, a college student named Grace Boye shared that she was deterred from grabbing a tube because she has always been told her lips are too big for red lipstick. And the Fenty community came running to lift her up.

The brand itself did not let Boye's comment go unnoticed and responded, "This red is for EVERYONE." After that empowering message, other Fenty fans continued to weigh in and support Boye.

Fenty Beauty has grabbed headlines since its launch for being super inclusive and for catering to women of all skin tones and backgrounds, courtesy of the 40-shade foundation range. But this direct and personal response shows that the brand is fully embracing its ardent customer base.

Boye tells Bustle that people have discouraged her from wearing bright lippies throughout her life due to her lip size.

"I'm still very mind-blown about much support I'm receiving," she says. "It's good to read about similar issues we females have in common, and hopefully we can overcome them together and stand strong."

Fenty has also said they will send her Stunna Lip Paint for free so she can rock it unapologetically.

Fenty's pitch-perfect response falls among other users who showed their support. The consensus was that the Boye's bold and beautiful lips would look amazing with a slick of bright red Stunna.

The brand continues to build a strong and supportive community among its consumers, resembling more of a sisterhood than a market for big beauty bucks. Even Rihanna herself commented on the post, dropping a few emojis, according to BuzzFeed screenshots.

There were no words in her reply, but the fact RiRi saw it and responded speaks to the inclusivity of Fenty.

Boye told BuzzFeed that she has been dealing with bullying regarding the size of her lips and the gap in her teeth since she was in kindergarten. She stated that she recently tried wearing bright lippies that she purchased from ColourPop but "ended up giving away the hot red and hot pink because I was told too many times that it didn't look good."

Take a minute to remember that full-lipped, gap-toothed, and also stunning model Slick Woods has been prominently featured in Fenty Beauty campaigns. So, yes, Grace Boye, this lippie is most definitely for you. Any lipstick color or formula you want to wear belongs on your lips. It's time to celebrate their size.

Below is a sampling of the sisterly support Boye received from fellow Fenty Beauty fanatics.

The Fenty Beauty community knows what's up, and how well Stunna would work for any and all pouts.


These commenters all make excellent points. Haters and trolls should not influence your decisions regarding makeup products.

The support and positive encouragement shows that Fenty Beauty's inclusivity goes beyond an extended range of foundation shades. The brand is taking it several steps further by creating strong community bonds among its legion of customers. Call it the power of makeup.