You Have To See Every Single Outfit Rihanna Wore To The Grammys

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Rihanna's ability to take over any awards show truly remarkable. Though the star always slays a look, you never really know what she'll wear to a major event. From glam gowns to street style-inspired looks to edgy rock-inspired statement outfits, Rihanna's award show looks are completely unpredictable. She even showed up to the 2015 Grammys looking like a giant pink loofa, making your favorite shower accessory look fashionable as hell. Now, that's some serious style talent.

Three years after the loofa-inspired look, fans and fashionistas were met with a plethora of statement outfits from Rihanna at the 2018 Grammy Awards. The star was a stunner during her low key pre-show appearance and while accepting the award for Best Rap/Sung Performance for her feature Kendrick Lamar's track "LOYALTY."

Right before the Grammys red carpet, Rihanna posted an effortlessly glam look on Instagram many expected her to rock on the red carpet. Though Rihanna did mingle with other stars before the show, she skipped the red carpet and any major paparazzi moments or interviews before the 60 Annual Grammy Awards.

Before the show, Rihanna wore an oversized white jacket with a sexy-as-hell lingerie-inspired one piece. Capping off the look with white shoes and statement shades, Rihanna gave off effortlessly glam vibes. I mean, she posed next to an ironing board and looked as fierce as ever. It doesn't get more "effortless" than that.

For the Fenty Beauty creator, no look would be complete without a stunning makeup look. Rihanna chose to rock a fresh-faced look with neutral lipstick and glowy skin. Her hair was in a glam blowout look that fell past her shoulders, serving ultimate chic vibes.

When the Grammys started, Rihanna was one of the first winners of the night, alongside Kendrick Lamar, for their collaboration on the track "LOYALTY." To accept the award, Rihanna wore a maroon leather look that echoed her pre-show ensemble.

Switching to deep red lipstick and a curly 'do, Rihanna rocked an oversize maroon leather coat belted around the waist. The coat, which fell elegantly off her shoulders, looked like it took no time at all to throw on. Yet, Rihanna made the look seem as glam as the most complex Grammys gown.

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The coat even came complete with matching red leather gloves, which seem like they would be extremely sweaty under the bright Grammys lights. But Rihanna can make anything appealing — even sweaty hands.

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For her Grammys performance of "Wild Thoughts" with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller, Rihanna took the stage in a super hot outfit that gave off some serious showgirl vibes. The sexy, hot pink wrap dress with sparkles and fringe was definitely a throwback, going with the retro feel of the performance. Sticking with the curly hair of her previous look, Rihanna looked absolutely gorgeous.

A little flapper, a little flamenco, and a whole lot of glam.

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Rihanna further committed to the showgirl-esque look with a red flower in her hair, orange sparkle tights, and some kitten heels. She basically looked the red dancer emoji turned into an IRL glamorous performer. And that's not even to mention the incredible talent she brought to the stage.

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She slayed that performance, as if you'd expect anything less. This is Rihanna we are talking about. She can do anything — and she always looks like at least a million bucks doing it.

Rihanna has had a heck of a year since last year's Grammys. From the launch of Fenty Beauty to her work with Puma to numerous hit songs, there is nothing Rihanna can't do — and that includes slaying any awards show ever.