Ring Pops Come In GUMMY Form Now — Here’s What They Taste Like

Emma Lord/Bustle

When Marilyn Monroe first sang that diamonds are a girl's best friend, she probably had no way of anticipating that, some few decades later, another priceless jewel would take center stage: the Ring Pops that '90s babies loved, coveted, and sucked down to the last ridiculously sticky drop. If your childhood was also defined by fake Ring Pop proposals to all your BFFs in the school yard, it turns out they're about to get an upgrade: in an exclusive to Bustle, Bazooka revealed that Ring Pop Gummy Gem Candy is about to hit shelves, converting the iconic lolli-ring into gummy form. Romance just got a WHOLE lot easier to sneak into the movie theater, y'all.

To give the Gummy Gems some context in your '90s candy-loving brain, they're a little bit like what would happen if Gushers and Sour Patch Kids had a baby that was then Instagram blessed by its Ring Pop fairy godmother. The outside is sweet gummy candy, but once you bite into it, you reach the sour gel on the inside. The gummies are cut like actual gems for maximum candy Insta potential, and come in five jewel-tones for its five different flavor combos: Cherry Apple, Blue Raspberry Watermelon, Lime Blue Raspberry and Tropical Pineapple Orange.

Bustle had the opportunity to sample the Ring Pop Gummy Candy just before the launch — but before we even talk taste, we should definitely circle back to how pretty these are. If I were a witch luring kids into my house made of candy in the woods I would 11/10 use these as inspiration for my living room's decor.

Emma Lord/Bustle

The outside's consistency is closer to gummy bears than Gushers or Sour Patch kids, and is sweet without being too overwhelmingly sweet. The sour fillings are distinctly different in flavor once you reach them, with a solid ratio of sweet and sour to them. The combo choices really shine through if you bite straight through it and let it pop in your mouth. My personal fave is the Cherry Apple, but I am supportive of all Ring Pop Gummy Gem Candy journeys, so live whichever flavor is your truth.

"We are thrilled to introduce Ring Pop Gummy Gems. Generations of Ring Pop consumers know and love the Ring Pop iconic gem shape. That’s why we’re so excited to use all new 3D technology to create an eye catching gem-shaped gummy that’s unlike any other,” said Becky Sotsky, senior brand manager for Bazooka Candy Brands, in a press release to Bustle. “The combination of the sweet gummy and sour gel, plus the one-of-a-kind gem shape make this product a must try for candy lovers!”

The Ring Pop Gummy Gems are sold in 3.7 oz share-packs, so you and your squad can drown in your edible riches together while you marathon all your holiday movies this season. For now you can only score these new gems on shelves at Walmart, and then in 2019 they'll be available major retailers nationwide.