This Brand Is Donating Rain Boots To Hurricane Harvey Victims & Here's How You Can, Too

by Eliza Florendo
Roma Boot

If you're not sure how to help with Hurricane Harvey and are overwhelmed by the choices of where to donate to, you can keep it simple: ROMA Boot is donating boots to Hurricane Harvey Victims, and you can help, too, just by donating a bit of your money.

Hurricane Harvey first reached tropical storm status on Aug. 17 and has caused intense, unprecedented flooding in Texas. At least 38 deaths have been confirmed, all of which have been suspected to be related to the storm, including mothers and children. Currently, there are 230 shelters operating in Texas. The devastating effects have left people wondering how exactly they can help.

There are plenty of ways you can contribute — from donating to local organizations like The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and the Houston Food Bank or donating to national organizations, like The American Red Cross. But there are also smaller brands that are trying to do what they can, too, like ROMA Boot.

Already dedicated to helping those in need, ROMA Boot actually donates a pair of boots to a child in need for every pair that are sold, following the model of Warby Parker and TOMS. Also, they donate 10 percent of all of their proceeds to "educational initiatives.

Erich Schlegel/Getty Images News/Getty Images

With the disastrous effects of the Hurricane, anything, big or small helps. And ROMA Boot is doing their part by donating rain boots to residents in Houston that need protection.

And now, you can do your part, too, by donating to the ROMA Foundation at By donating just $10, you can give a pair of rain boots to someone in need. ROMA notes that while $10 is how much a pair of boots costs, they accept any monetary amount.

In addition, every sale this month will benefit the Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims, according to ROMA's website. Use the code "HARVEY," and your boot purchase can really help someone in need. In these catastrophic times, a little help goes a log way.