11 Rain Boots That Won't Give You Blisters

We all know the struggle: dry feet with blisters or wet feet without? It's not exactly a fun choice to make, but sometimes it feels like those are the only options you have. So, here's the question of the hour: Are there rain boots that won't give you blisters out there? Well, as fate would have it, there actually are — it's just that they can be a bit tougher to find.

That said, what exactly makes a good blister-free boot? Well first off, it definitely helps to look for something with a lighter construction, since it's the really thick, heavy rubber that can chafe really chafe your feet and ankles. Extra cushy socks to wear underneath and/or thick leggings to tuck in will also help your cause. Oh, and you know how some Chelsea boot-style wellies have that panel of elastic at the ankle? A little extra stretch can actually go a long way too. Of course, the absolute key is making sure your boots fit, since you don't want your feet rattling around in there all day — if you're buying online, reading reviews can definitely help you find the right fit.

So, ready to find some great non-blistery boots for rainy season? Read on for some fun and stylish options.

1. Bernardo Lacey Short Waterproof Rain Boot

Short Waterproof Rain Boot, $100, Nordstrom

They may be adorable, but they'll also keep your feet dry. They also don't feel quite as heavy as normal rain boots, which helps on the blister front.

2. Jeffrey Campbell Stormy Rain Boot

Jeffrey Campbell Stormy Rain Boots, $55, Shopbop

So darn stylish it's not even funny.

3. The Original L. L. Bean Boot

The Original L.L Bean Boot, $129, llbean

L. L. Bean's duck boots are a perennial winter favorite, and it's not hard to see why. They're a stone cold classic, and the adjustable nature of the laces help make sure you stay blister-free.

4. rag & bone Moto Rain Boots

rag and bone Moto Rain Boots, $225, Nordstrom

These look and feel more like regular boots than clunky rain boots. Score!

5. Crocs RainFloe Boots

Crocs RainFloe Boots, $56, Amazon

Crocs are known for being super comfy, and these are no exception with their cushy footbed and lightweight feel.

6. Dav Rain Wakefield Platform Black

Dav Rain Wakefield Platform Black. $69, Dav Rain

It doesn't get much trendier than the platform right now, and these booties represent a comfortable (and dry) way to take the look out for a spin.

7. Hunter 'Original Short' Gloss Rain Boot

Hunter 'Original Short' Gloss Rain Boot, $140, Nordstrom

Hunter boots are well-known for their high quality construction, which definitely helps with comfort and fit. Add their matching fleece boot socks for extra warmth/blister protection!

8. Cole Haan Callie Waterproof Rain Shoe

Cole Haan Callie Waterproof Rain Shoe, $119, Cole Haan

These low-key patent wedges may not look like it, but they actually offer full protection from the elements. And you can bet that they won't chafe the way clunky knee-high rubber boots do!

9. Sorel Women's Out 'n About Rain Boot

Sorel Women's Out 'n About Rain Boot, $86, Amazon

has great heavy duty all-weather boots, and this model happens to work great for rain storms.

10. J. Crew Matte Chelsea Rain Boots

J. Crew Matte Chelsea Rain Boot, $78, J. Crew

Comfy and stylish.

11. UGG Sienna Rain Boots

UGG Sienna Rain Boot, $65, Amazon

You know UGG knows their way around comfortable boots. These happen to be wool-lined, and come in some truly gorgeous colors.

So, ready to take on the elements sans blisters? Find your new favorite pair of rain boots, and march on!