Ron Cephas Jones' Has A Sweet Message For 'This Is Us' Fans Who Love William — VIDEO

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Spoilers from the most recent This Is Us ahead: Anyone else still reeling from Tuesday's This Is Us, where not only Randall but viewers also had to say goodbye to beloved William? It was definitely a heartbreaking episode where pretty much everyone, including myself, ended up bawling by the time it was all said and done with. Well the actor who brought William to life is now opening up to his supporters about all of the love he's received. Ron Cephas Jones' words for William fans are so sweet. Yes, you may even shed a tear or two, because when it comes to this show and its cast, that's just how it goes.

In an Instagram video shared by co-star Susan Kelechi Watson (aka Beth), Jones says,

"Keep a look out. I love you cats, man. I'm not very much of a — what is it? A computer type thing? Susan keeps telling me, get on Twitter! Gotta get on Instagram! Say hello to your friends! So I'll get there, but I love you all, God bless."

This video wasn't filmed after Tuesday's episode, but was recorded during the actual filming of "Memphis." Most likely to avoid spoilers, Watson decided to share it after the airing. Alongside it, she wrote, "I took this video while we were shooting last nights ep (a few weeks back) to share with you all after the ep aired. Ron has a shout out for all us 'cats' Take a listen. With love, from #William. #roncephasjones #thisisus."

His message reminds me of something William would say and exactly how he would phrase it. I mean, can't you hear his character using the word "cats"? Yeah, I can too.

Here's hoping soon enough Jones joins social media in some way. It'd be a great way to keep up with him, especially since he won't be a main figure anymore during This Is Us. That said, Jones did say to "keep a look out," which is either hinting at more William in some capacity (anyone else want a spinoff revolving around his early years?) or to keep an eye out for him in future projects.

In fact, showrunner Dan Fogelman spoke with Entertainment Weekly, where he revealed that fans haven't seen the last of William. Say what now? "You will see him in the next episode," he dished. "You will not see him in the finale, but only because it’s a very Jack and Rebecca-centric episode." He also vowed that William will "remain a big part of the show." Fogelman then teased,

"William’s character only entered Randall’s family’s story in the last year, so there’s less of a backstory there. It means that if you’re going into his past more, you’re probably preceding his entrance into Randall and Beth and the kids’ lives — which we will do as well, but he’s going to remain a substantial part of the series. How many? And when? We’re still figuring that all out."

Despite William's death, that is still great news to hear. I think all This Is Us viewers will agree with me the more William and Jones the better, right?