These GIANT Scrunchies Are The Influencer Accessory Of The Summer

Everything bigger is better, and now that includes scrunchies. Room Shop Vintage's massive scrunchies are the size of dinner plates, and they create just the right amount of drama for your ponytail. Childhood hair accessories have had something of a moment this past couple of years. Velvet scrunchies came back in full force, rhinestone barrettes that spelled out phrases like "cute" and "ugly" graced the middle-parts of celebs, and decorative hair clips invaded Instagram. The '90s trend seems to be nowhere near ending, so super-size your hair accessories collection with the help of these massive scrunchies.

Room Shop Vintage was born after a husband and wife duo, Shelly Horst and Dryw Scully, left their longtime retail jobs to open a store of their own. "We had both worked for other people for so long we wanted to tap into our creativity and create something for ourselves. We left our jobs, went on an eight week cross-country road trip buying vintage along the way with the idea that we would come back and have a vintage sale for friends to shop the treasures we found," Horst tells Bustle. "We came back, set up a shop in our back bedroom and invited friends over to shop and listen to records and it was really successful! Room Shop was born."

Scrolling through Room Shop Vintage's site, you will quickly see that the '90s rule the brand's stock. There are tie-dye bike shorts, vinyl baguette bags, and silky slips. And most importantly, the category "scrunchies" gets its own tab at the top of the page.

These super-sized scrunchies are sustainable scrunchies. They are sewn from fabric that would usually end up in the bin, so they are 100% recycled.

Specifically, the scrunchies are made out of recycled, deadstock, scrap ends, or discontinued fabric. There is a wide array of colors and textures to choose from, with 27 different scrunchie styles available online right now. From cotton candy pink organza scrunchies, to acid green tie dye, to black silk ties, there is something for everyone.

"The Cloud Scrunchies were born out a desire to use leftover fabric we had lying around from a photo backdrop," Horst says. "Around November of last year I started seeing scrunchies having a moment, and thought, 'hey we could make our own out of this recycled fabric, but let’s make ours different by making them really really BIG."

Horst was enjoying the trend of super tiny and super oversized accessories, so the brand played off of that concept. "Because we had a few different types of fabric to work with I was able to see how the different weights and fibers held shape. The organza did something really different and cool and I realized we were onto something special," Horst explains. "They reminded me of clouds so I named them that, and they proceeded to sell out quickly. Although I don’t sew each scrunchie in studio anymore we have a great local factory in Philadelphia that’s produces them for us now. Made in Philadelphia!"

The scrunchies are currently offered in three different sizes. There is the Giant Scrunchie, which has a diameter of nine inches. It's a bold throwback to the '90s, and will be sure to add a dramatic pop to any outfit. One distinction about this particular scrunchie (other than size) is that it is not made from organza. Rather than being sheer and fluffy, it has a little bit of weight to it and is made from silk or silk-cotton blends.. The Giant Scrunchie retails for $30.

The Cloud Scrunchie also has a diameter of nine inches, but it is made from sheer organza. This light material gives the accessory a cloud-like feel, turning the scrunchie into a misty puff on your ponytail. The Cloud Scrunchie retails for $20. All sorts of colors are available in this style, ranging from spring sage to lemonade.

The Mini Cloud Scrunchie is the smallest size available, and it's a little larger than a normal scrunchie. The hair accessory has a diameter of about six inches, and the material used is nylon organza. There are four color variations available: lime shimmer, peach shimmer, black glass, and peony shimmer. Each scrunchie costs $12.

If you want to bring back Elaine Benes-big scrunchies, then look no further than Room Shop Vintage. It has you (way) covered)