This Chocolate "Bunicorn" At Target Will Make Your Rainbow-Loving Heart Sing

Target, remixed by Bustle

We all know that unicorns are not simply horses with cones protruding from their foreheads. They are their own mystical creature spreading wonder, joy and rainbows. But did you know that unicorns can take on many forms? At least, they can when it comes to dessert. Russell Stover Easter Milk Chocolate Bunicorn is at Target, and milk chocolate has never been more magical.

Spring is around the corner. Flowers will soon poke their budding blooms from the ground and Easter eggs will be hidden behind bushes. Colors will shift from monochrome to pastels. Candy wrapped in light pink and light yellow will line the grocery store aisles. ~Pause for applause, cheers, and maybe even a few tears.~ It's been a long winter.

Easter candy is the first hint of the transition from winter to spring. However you and your loved ones celebrate Easter or the beginning of the spring season, baby bunnies and chocolate always seems to be incorporated. And now, thanks to candy company Russell Stover, they're combined. At Target you'll find the most magical, mystical chocolate bunny of all time. The 5.5-oz solid chocolate bunny will stick out from the rest of the candy. As Bunicorns tend to do.

Packaged in a colorful box featuring a burst of stars and a perfectly arched rainbow, the Bunicorn is not your average Easter candy. It celebrates being different and unique. In fact, the box reads, "In a field of rabbits, be a bunicorn." And so, in an aisle of marshmallow chicks, eat the chocolate bunicorn. The Russell Stover Easter Milk Chocolate Bunicorn, which retails for $3.49, is available online and at Target stores. You can order it online, or check your local Target to see if this magical chocolate bunny is in stock near you.

The Bunicorn isn't the only candy Russell Stover is putting out just in time for Easter. There's an entire chocolate bunny crew assembling in the candy aisle. Russell Stover Easter Milk Chocolate Bunny Money are 2-oz solid chocolate bars, also available at Target. As if that weren't enough, eight candy bunnies — all in various flavors — are also making their way to shelves. This includes the Russell Stover Easter Milk Chocolate Dip-It Rabbit, a 6-oz chocolate that comes equipped with a cup of JIF peanut butter to dip the chocolate into.

But candy bunnies aren't the only symbol of the spring. Eggs are a big part of the holiday as well. And so why not snack on chocolate eggs while painting eggs? Hey, it's a celebration after all. Russell Stover has released a Cinnamon Sugar Churro Egg. The egg features a cinnamon sugar churro flavored marshmallow at the center of a candy coating. This latest flavor joins the classic Marshmallow Egg.

Whether you celebrate Easter or just enjoy it when candy takes on the form of cute creatures, there's a candy on shelves for everybody. Spring is around the corner, and while we wait for those first blooms to confirm the warmer months ahead, there's at least a lot of chocolate to enjoy.