RXBAR Just Launched 3 New Flavors Inspired By Your Favorite Desserts

RXBAR, remixed by Bustle

Every time of day is a good time of day to bite into a snack bar. Whether you just walked back from the grocery store or you're in the mood for something that's crunchy but also chewy, a bar is there to satisfy your cravings. And because snack time is basically around the clock, you might have filled your desk drawers and purse pockets with delicious RXBARs. Brace your pantry, because three new RXBAR flavors were just released, and they all seem to be inspired by delicious desserts.

If you're looking for a snack bar that's sweet, but not so overwhelmingly sweet that you need to book an appointment with your dentist immediately, RXBAR's new lineup of flavors will be your new favorite thing. And the best news is that they're extremely portable, so unlike the complicated baking situations of the desserts they're based on, you don't have to wait to dig in. The newest flavors to join the lineup are Banana Chocolate Walnut, Chocolate Cherry, and Lemon. Welcome to my life!

Banana Chocolate Walnut is made up of egg whites, walnuts, cashews and dates, sounds inspired by the iconic dessert bread. If chocolate is your speed, the new Chocolate Cherry bar might remind you of your favorite slice of pie. Made of dates, almonds, cherries and chocolate, this is the perfect way to snack on dessert before dinner. Rounding out the latest lineup is the Lemon flavor, made with eggs whites, almonds, cashews, and dates, for those of us who are partial to tart wonder of lemon bars.


An argument could be made, given the ingredients, that an entire RXBAR bar is sort of like a pie filling, without the crust. This is hardly the first time RXBAR has launched flavors reminiscent of desserts — per RXBAR's website, others include the dessert-like Maple Sea Salt, Coffee Chocolate, Mixed Berry, Mint Chocolate and Chocolate Chip, all of which sound like the ideal flavor combos for a snack or to pair with your breakfast. You can check out the full current flavor lineup on RXBAR's website here.

Thankfully the bars are easy to find. Just head to wherever RXBARs are sold. Per RXBAR's website, that conveniently includes Target, Walgreens, and even Starbucks — plus any stores that pop up on RXBAR's store locator on its site.


According to their FAQ page, RXBARs contain no gluten, dairy, or soy, which make them a safe option for anyone who has food intolerances or dietary restrictions. They also have a shelf-life of 10 months, so you can totally justify buying big packs of them at a time — a thing that you can, in fact, do on the website, in both variety packs and single-flavor packs. In fact, these new flavors come in their own variety pack right now, so you can ship 24 of them straight to your door and give them a try all at once — the ultimate RXBAR flavor showdown, to prove which one is most delicious once and for all.