Ryan Gosling Pays Tribute To Debbie Reynolds

by Amy Mackelden
Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

2016 ended in a devastating way, with the deaths of mother and daughter Hollywood icons, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Both actors had such a huge impact on the world via their movies, publications, and performances, and tributes have flooded in since the sad news of their passing. For example, Ryan Gosling's tribute to Reynolds is perfect, just like he is, and is sure to bring a tear to your eye whether you were a massive fan of the actress and singer or not.

Celebrating La La Land at the awards gala for Palm Springs International Film Festival, which was awarded this year's Vanguard Award, Gosling spoke about Reynolds' undeniable talent, and her influence on other actors. As E! reported, he said,

I wish I could have said this in person but I'd like to thank Debbie Reynolds for her wonderful career of work. She was an inspiration to us every day. We watched Singin' In The Rain every day for inspiration, a truly unparalleled talent so thank you to her for all that inspiration.

That Gosling honored Reynolds in this way is beyond adorable, and proves what an amazing impact she had on the world with her body of work. La La Land's references to Singin' In The Rain are plentiful, which is why it's so important to hear the actor recognize Reynolds as the talent that she was.

Singin' In The Rain isn't just a classic movie; it was an incredibly important film in Reynolds's career. As her first lead role, Reynolds wasn't even a dancer when she was chosen to star opposite Gene Kelly in the musical. Her talent was immediately evident, and that first lead role became her most iconic. It's no surprise that Singin' In The Rain continues to inspire actors and entertainers today, and the amazing performance by Reynolds in the movie is a huge part of the reason for that.

Gosling's heartfelt tribute to Reynolds is so fitting, especially since his role in La La Land is influenced by classic Hollywood musicals. Reynolds' legacy will continue to be celebrated for many years to come.