The Story Ryan Reynolds Told His 3-Year-Old About Santa Is Honestly The Darkest Thing Ever

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Teaching kids about the big man at the North Pole is usually a fun discussion, but Ryan Reynolds telling his daughter about Santa Claus took quite an interesting turn. Next to an Instagram of a fireplace shared at the end of Christmas Day, the 41-year-old actor shared the "conversation" he had with his daughter about how Santa gets into homes to deliver presents. To be clear, he never identified which daughter he talked with, but seeing as his youngest daughter, Ines, is only 1, it's probably safe to assume he's talking about his 3-year-old daughter, James.

Here's what he wrote:

Daughter: Santa comes down the chimney?
Me: Yup.
Daughter: You left the fire burning all night.
Me: Yup. (Silence. Slight breeze. A crow circles in the distance.)

Yeah, that's just a little bit dark, but also hilarious. How can you not laugh? First of all, let's take a moment to picture the Marvel star and his child having this exact discussion. It's like something out of one of his comedies — or even Deadpool. Second of all, this Instagram is so Reynolds. He's a funny guy, who can't help but be witty.

He didn't say whether he was really being sarcastic, but there's a good chance Reynolds didn't even have this chat with his daughter. He most likely wouldn't want to purposely scare her about Santa — and burning him alive. Sarcasm is Reynolds' middle name, so he's probably just posting this to be the comedian that he is. Of course, maybe he really did sit his daughter down and talk with her about Santa, but it's probably safe to say their conversation didn't go exactly this way.

When it comes to both Reynolds and Blake Lively, they are a family that jokes around with each other. It's how they show love. For example, for Lively's birthday in August, The Proposal actor trolled his own wife by posting an Instagram of the two, which featured mostly Reynolds and only a little bit of Lively's face. He captioned it, "Happy Birthday to my amazing wife."

Then, in October, Lively turned it around and trolled Reynolds for his birthday by posting an Instagram featuring mainly Ryan Gosling and only a portion of Reynolds. She wrote next to it, "Happy birthday, baby." This is what they do — and they are an amazing couple for doing so.

It continued over Christmas when The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actor Instagrammed Reynolds' poorly baked Christmas cookies. "@vancityreynolds made some Christmas cookies... [flushed face emoji]...He’s verrry handsome though." She even tweeted, "Like they’ve never said, like never, ever... @VancityReynolds is the next @MarthaStewart." Yeah, these two enjoy playfully poking fun at each other.

For those unaware, when he isn't utilizing his sense of humor, Reynolds is gushing about his family. Upon receiving his Hollywood Walk of Fame star in December 2016, he said (via Entertainment Tonight), "I want to thank my wife, Blake, who is sitting right there, who is everything to me. You are the best thing, the best thing that has ever happened to me, secondly to this star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame." He then beautifully added, "You make everything better, I mean absolutely everything in my life better. You have given us two of the most incredible children I could ever hope to have. You made me the father of my dreams when I thought I only had fun uncle potential, so thank you, I love you."

As for his two daughters, James and Ines, he revealed on SiriusXM Entertainment Weekly Radio in December 2016, "If I could have nine daughters, I would be thrilled. Really, like I genuinely would be."

Yeah, he's head over heels for his family of four. And when it comes to stories about Santa Claus, well, Reynolds can't help but be at least a little bit sarcastic, because that's how he clearly shows love.