Sabrina's Life Just Blew All The Way Up On 'CAOS' & We Need To Talk About Those Twists

Jeff Weddell/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2. Well, that was a finale to end all other finales. After 21 episodes of Sabrina wondering who she really is — good or evil, mortal or witch, she learned the truth. Sabrina's father is the Dark Lord on Chilling Adventures, and that's far from the only bombshell that Part 2 dropped in its final episode. To be clear, Edward Spellman is not the Dark Lord. He's still dead. He just wasn't ever Sabrina's father to begin with.

In an obvious parallel to Mary giving birth to God's son, Jesus, Diana Spellman gave birth to the Dark Lord's child, Sabrina. Aunt Hilda explained that Diana and Edward were having a hard time getting pregnant, so they went to the Dark Lord to ask for help. He obliged, but true to form, it wasn't without a sneaky, self-serving agenda. After Diana got pregnant, she had a worrisome feeling that Edward wasn't actually her baby's father, and she was right: the Dark Lord impregnated her with his child, not Edward's. Still, the Spellmans raised her as their own, and after Sabrina's parents died, her aunts took her in as their own too. No one suspected that the Dark Lord was her actual father except for Hilda, and she kept that to herself.

The Dark Lord let Sabrina live out her witch/mortal life while he waited for her to fulfill the prophecy, inducting her as the Queen of Hell and allowing her to rule by his side. But not only is Sabrina part witch and part mortal, she also has infernal blood — making her the unholy trinity and the harbinger of the apocalypse. Yep, CAOS went there. And it included several other major twists along the way.

Nick Betrayed Sabrina

Apparently, the whole reason Nick Scratch started hanging out with Sabrina is because the Dark Lord asked him to get close to her. He still fell in love with her for real, but Sabrina didn't know if she could ever trust him again — until he took one for the team and trapped the Dark Lord in his body. Sabrina closed the finale out by pledging to "get her boyfriend back from hell."

Father Blackwood Poisoned His Whole Coven

When Blackwood found out that a Spellman was to be the Dark Lord's queen, he noped the eff out. He said he would never bow to a Spellman. Blackwood is a sexist, horrible person that pretty much half his coven wanted dead, so it was honestly in his best interest to run and hide. But he had to go out in dramatic fashion, by giving his coven poisoned unholy communion. Zelda and Hilda were only able to save a handful of witches, so expect that issue to carry into Season 3.

Lilith Turned On The Dark Lord

Ms. Wardwell, aka Lilith, has been enacting the Dark Lord's wishes for two seasons now. But she finally had enough of him when she realized all the promises he made to her were empty. In the end, she teamed up with Sabrina to bring him down — and got her Queen of Hell crown along the way.

Zelda Became High Priestess

With Blackwood gone, someone had to step up and be in charge. Zelda decided to take on that role, which would infuriate Blackwood to no end considering how much he hates women being in power. He'd hate even more that Zelda is considering making it the Church of Lilith now that the Dark Lord is gone.

Ms. Wardwell Is Back For Real

Lilith killed Wardwell to take over her body and infiltrate Greendale back in Season 1. But as part of her newly reformed self, Lilith decided to give Sabrina the gift of getting her favorite teacher back. The real Ms. Wardwell thinks she just had a wild dream, not that she was murdered and taken over by the Queen of Hell. Hopefully she never has to learn the real truth.

If that was the finale, just imagine what Part 3 will have in store for viewers. But until then, at least fans have plenty of twists to wrap their heads around.