Here's What's *Really* Up With Sabrina In 'CAOS' Part 2, Because She's Acting Weird AF

Diyah Pera/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2. Something wicked's going on with Sabrina, and neither her mortal friends or her coven can help her. So, uh, what's happening with Sabrina in Chilling Adventures Part 2? We finally know the teenage witch's dark destiny, and it involves a lot of new powers.

As it turns out, Sabrina is more than just half witch, half mortal. She's the Herald of Hell, and the Dark Lord's daughter. That's a major yikes, considering that even though Sabrina is a devout follower of the Church of Night from a religious standpoint, she's never going to be OK with giving up her free will and doing anyone's bidding. She's wicked but she's not evil, you know?

Still, in Episode 6 of Chilling Adventures Part 2, Sabrina gets some wild new powers. They're brought on when she has to confront a team of witch hunters that look like the cast of Book of Mormon. She survives multiple arrows to the torso, levitates, and she can do magic without incantations.

Specifically, she has healing powers. She brought two people back from the dead without any zombie consequences (you know, like what happened with Harvey's brother). Using just her hands, Sabrina saves Ambrose's life and restores Roslyn's sight by breaking the curse on her family. Her eyes glow white and her hands catch on fire. She's able to control and then kill the angels. It's a lot! It is a whole lot. Initially, Sabrina thinks that this has something to do with her father. He wanted witches, warlocks, and mortals to live peacefully together, and as a "half-breed," she's the perfect symbol. Maybe she was granted extra powers as a way to spread his gospel.

Diyah Pera/Netflix

Would this mean Sabrina is some kind of Satanic savior — the Jesus of Wicca? A few people at the academy want to start worshipping her rather than the Dark Lord.

As it turns out, these powers are because of her father... but not in the way she thinks. When the Dark Lord appears in his original, human-like form during the Part 2 finale, he tells Sabrina that he's her real father, not Edward, and he gave her these new powers in the hopes that it would woo her to rule beside him as the Queen of Hell. Then, you know, the apocalypse comes and demons are released on Earth. "Sorry," Sabrina says. "But I have school." It is a perfect, snarky, and ridiculous line, which checks out for a show like CAOS.

Anyway, the Dark Lord strips Sabrina's powers when she refuses him, but Lilith (aka Ms. Wardwell/Madam Satan) restores them after she takes over his throne. It's unclear if that just means Sabrina's regular witch powers, or her new ones too, and since this happens in Part 2's final moments, we may not know until CAOS comes back. But Sabrina has wanted to take down the Dark Lord since the series began, and he may have inadvertently given her exactly the magical tools she needs to do it.