Watch The Hilariously Shocking Sam Rockwell 'SNL' Moment That Everyone Is Talking About

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Three Billboards Outisde Ebbing, Missouri Sam Rockwell hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time on Jan. 13 and he surprised everyone by saying a certain word in a sketch. Sam Rockwell's SNL F-bomb wasn't censored everywhere and it had Twitter in stitches. On some feeds (like the East Coast), Rockwell's F-bomb during a '90s science TV show parody was heard loud and clear and caught on video by several Twitter users. It was, however, censored on the West Coast. On both coasts, the slip up had Twitter abuzz and fans laughing along with the 2018 Golden Globe winner.

The sketch starred Rockwell as Mr. Science in fictional "vintage" PBS Kids TV show The Science Room With Mr. Science. Complete with '90s aspect ratio and clothing, the science parody show looked just like the beloved decade. Mr. Science explained scientific concepts, like matter, to two children (played by SNL cast members Cecily Strong and Mikey Day. At one point, Mr. Science combines oil and water together and asks the "kids" about it. "You put the oil into the water, and the oil is?" Mr. Science inquires in the sketch. "False?" Day's character answers with little confidence. And here's where the big moment happens, with Mr. Science saying, "This isn't a true or false Josh, you can't be this f*cking stupid!"

As soon as the f-word leaves Rockwell's mouth, you can see Rockwell realize his slip and attempt to cover his mouth twice and the audience reacted with a lot of laughter. Day and Strong rolled with the slip up, giving their kid characters shocked reactions to the line. Rockwell even says, "I'm sorry," but it wasn't clear if the apology was in character or meant for the audience (or the FCC). "Kids aren't stupid," Mr. Science continues in the sketch. "Just say what you see."

And that's exactly what Twitter did after the Rockwell's F-bomb, totally embracing the moment.

While the F-bomb was censored for some, it was not censored for many Twitter users.

Some viewers compared the slip up to, ahem, current events involving President Donald Trump.

One Twitter user seemed to think the F-bomb was planned.

This Twitter user just thought it was part of the actual sketch, since it came at a fitting moment.

Many fans were relieved that Rockwell's name was trending on Twitter due to the F-bomb and not other reasons.

The moment also had many other fans declaring their love for Rockwell.

Some fans welcomed Rockwell to the SNL F-bomb club.

Many fans recognized that the F-bomb was later followed by a Weekend Update segment, in which the word "sh*thole," quoting President Trump's reported recent remarks, was also not censored on the East Coast (but censored on the West Coast).

One Twitter user even compiled a video of both the East Coast and West Coast feeds, so you can compare the uncensored version of the sketch to the censored version.

And due to the F-bomb, some Twitter fans declared that this was Rockwell's last time hosting the show.

Rockwell isn't alone in SNL F-bomb history. Stewart, Samuel L. Jackson, Jenny Slate, Prince, Jon Lovitz, and others have also used the expletive on the show in previous seasons.

Aside from that hilarious moment, Rockwell participated in many different sketches during the episode, including a quirky, yet necessary catchy rap tribute to actor Stanley Tucci called "Tucci Gang," and a song-and-dance number during his monologue, declaring that Rockwell is a leading man now.

Watch the censored version of the much-talked-about Mr. Science sketch in the video below.

Clearly, Rockwell made his mark in SNL history, just like he seems to be doing throughout Awards Season for his award-winning role in Three Billboards.