You Can Buy This Massive 6-Pound Platter Of Brownies At Sam's Club

Sam's Club

Got a party coming up? Throwing a baby shower? Heading to a housewarming? Hosting a Game of Thrones viewing? No matter what type of occasion you have going on, if you really love brownies — or know someone who really loves brownies — then listen up. Sam's Club is selling a 6 lb. tray of brownies that includes five different varieties. Depending on how big you think a brownie should be, the tray probably includes fewer individual brownies than you'd expect — these things are massive — but still a ton of brownie overall. (Or, well, 6 lbs.)

First, the flavors. The brownie tray from Sam's Club in-house brand Member's Mark includes four each of the following varieties, all of which are first topped with fudge icing:

  • White chocolate shavings and milk chocolate drizzle
  • Chopped pecans
  • Chocolate cream cheese icing and dark chocolate ganache
  • White chocolate swirl
  • Dark chocolate shavings and creamy caramel

While there are 20 brownies in the tray, this could probably work for a bigger group, too, because these brownies are around a third of a pound each. Cut 'em up! Share 'em! Eat pieces of different ones until it's like you ate a whole one anyway! That's probably the best way to play this, really.

The tray is priced at $19.98 (about a dollar per brownie) and while it's not available to be shipped, customers can order online and pickup the brownies in the Sam's Club location of their choosing. Of course, Sam's Club is a membership based store, but non-members can make purchases, too, they'll just have an additional 10% surcharge added to any orders.

If brownies aren't your thing (or if brownies are your thing, but you are providing food for a large feast), Sam's Club has plenty of other gigantic trays of things. There's a tray of 84 cookies that comes with oatmeal raisin, chocolate chunk, mini cookies with candy, mini cookies with chocolate chips, and white chocolate macadamia nut. There's also a tray of 54 breakfast pastries with danishes, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and something that looks fritter-y. Like the brownie tray, both of these also go for $19.98.

Need something more savory? There's the 5.5 lb. Member's Mark Signature Meat Party Tray, which sounds like it's for a party in celebration of meat, but is, in fact, a tray of meat for a party. There's also a Fruit and Cheese Party Tray, because that's just a classic.

In other new, intense looking — and sounding — food items at the Club, there's a pizza with four types of pepperoni called the 14" Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Explosion Pizza. Who knew there even were four types of pepperoni, but they appear to be big circles, little circle, strips, and little bits. (Their formal names, obviously.)

Regardless of what type of party you're throwing or attending, there's no denying that giant trays of things are just more fun and exciting. And if you don't have any upcoming party plans, I'm sure you can come up with some sort of excuse. Flag Day's coming up.