This 3-Pound "Pepperoni Explosion" Pizza At Sam's Club Is Extreme Pizza Goals

Sam's Club

If you don't have plans for a pizza party, get one on the calendar immediately. Sam's Club's Pepperoni Explosion Pizza is now in existence and it is bursting with flavor. I repeat, ~bursting~! This is a no-joke pizza that is begging for you to call up a close friend to make it a party. Although, if you decide that the party should be for one, nobody is judging and everybody completely understands.

This pizza is anything but a regular pepperoni pizza. It's not just crust with sauce with cheese with pepperoni. Oh, no. This pizza goes above and beyond. For starters, the crust is stuffed with mozzarella cheese so you won't want to leave any bite of crust on the plate. Building off of that cheesy base is a rich tomato sauce, more mozzarella cheese and then — ahem — four type of pepperonis.

If you didn't know that there were four types of pepperonis that could top a pizza, well, now you do. The entire pizza weighs in at three pounds and retails for $9.98 at your local Sam's Club. You don't even have to wait for delivery to show up. If you're a member of Sam's Club, just roll up to the nearest location, walk-run to the freezer section, and pick up a box or four to tote home to your kitchen.

Sam's Club

The take-and-bake pizza is your answer to the weeknight question of what's for dinner when there seems to be nothing in the fridge. Surprise yourself with frozen pizza. Especially the kind that has ~explosion~ in the name and is topped with four pepperonis, a fact that I will never get over. So if the Pepperoni Explosion Pizza is striking your fancy, don't hesitate going to get your box. This flavor is only available for a limited time. Based on the description of flakey crust and about a million styles of pepperoni on top, this is a run-don't-stroll situation.

This limited time pizza is debuting after the drool worthy limited release of Sam's Club's square Meatball Pizza, which clocked in at four pounds. This very special pizza debuted for the Super Bowl, and let's be real, was the real winner of the night. And on that sports related note, the Pepperoni Explosion Pizza is here just in time for all the March Madness ~madness~, in case you're looking for the perfect pizza to munch on during dunks.

It's a fantastic time to be alive and in close proximity to pizza. The classic pie is getting innovated again and again. It doesn't stop at stuffed crust and toppings. IHOP launched a limited edition Pancizza, a pancake-pizza hybrid, in three flavors. Pizza Hut UK dropped a Dip N' Crunch bar that makes pizza level up with an assortment of accommodating dips. It's pizza innovation on pizza innovation in 2019.

We can all agree that pizza is a food that brings out the best of us. It's something we can share and bond over. It's a topic that can get us into the top colleges of our choice. Its existence is truly mesmerizing. And now, thanks to Sam's Club, there's a new pizza to heat up in the oven and devour, one type of pepperoni at a time.