You Can Now Buy Cookie Dough Cups For One From Sam's Club

Eating raw cookie dough used to be something you had to choose to do despite the fact that it could make you incredibly sick. You had to decide the risk was worth the reward before you left the perfect amount for snacking in the mixing bowl. But now, edible cookie dough is a thing and it's all over the place. You can now get edible cookie dough cups at Sam's Club; the true sign that raw cookie dough is an acceptable, mainstream snack.

As reported by Best Products, Sam's Club is selling an exclusive snack pack from The Cookie Dough Café that comes with eight mini Chocolate Chip cookie dough cups. (This pack is also available on the Cookie Dough Café site, so it seems Sam's Club has the in-store exclusive.) Each cup is 3.5 oz. and the box costs $8.98. The box cannot be shipped via Sam's Club, but you can buy it online to pick up at the store.

The Cookie Dough Café posted about the Sam's Club exclusive back in December on Instagram: "8 Pack of mini's only available @samsclub 🎄 What other flavors would you like to see at Sam's? #samsclub." Well, there are a lot to choose from. The Cookie Dough Café offers six flavors in addition to Chocolate Chip: Oreo, Monster (peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips, and M&Ms), Naked Dough (just cookie dough, no chips), Gluten-Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Confetti (sprinkles), and vegan Brownie Batter.

While Brownie Batter is the only option that is vegan, none of the doughs contain eggs, which is why they're safe to eat without baking. If you're wondering if you can bake the cookie dough, The Cookie Dough Café says no. The brand answers the question in its FAQ, "No, the gourmet edible cookie dough you purchased is made specifically for consuming unbaked. It does not include the ingredients necessary for making delicious baked cookies. Our products are for the ultimate cookie dough lover!"

If you aren't a Sam's Club member and still want to try out The Cookie Dough Café's dough, their products can be ordered online, but they're more expensive. For instance, the 8-pack that is available at Sam's Club will run you $22. Pints are $11.50. The doughs are also available at many other stores, which can be found using the supermarket locator here. The brand also has a Scoop Shop in Portland, Oregon.

The Cookie Dough Café isn't the only brand offering edible un-baked dough. New York City-based Dō has a shop and nationwide shipping. Duff Goldman of Ace of Cakes fame makes an edible raw cookie dough that is available at Target. As of last summer Ben & Jerry's was also testing Cookie Dough Chunks — no ice cream involved — that were only available in Vermont for the time being. The Ben & Jerry's site currently has a page where fans can sign up for their newsletter and it encourages those who are interested in the treats being made widely available to let them know.

On top of all of this, if you want to make your own edible cookie dough, there are plenty of recipes out there. So, if a craving ever strikes, now you know there are many ways to satisfy it — Sam's Club member or not — and without eating any raw eggs.