Sandy & Kirsten Of 'The O.C.' Were The Show's Real OTP & Here's The Proof

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Although Seth and Summer might seem to be the top contenders for the title of best O.C couple ever, let’s face it: Seth and Summer are nowhere near as amazing as Sandy and Kirsten, the OTP of The O.C. The couple experienced every hardship you can imagine: death, cheating, alcoholism, even a freakin’ earthquake. They showed that a marriage can survive through many challenges, and the importance of trying to work through those challenges. There's no mistaking it: Sandy and Kirsten were really just the best.

Just think about it: Sandy was pretty much everyone’s dream husband, great at communicating and recognizing when he messed up. Meanwhile, Kirsten perfectly complemented him as an outspoken and independent person who was vocal about the importance of working together as a team in their marriage and as parents. They made such a great parenting team that anyone would've been lucky to be adopted by the Cohens.

Sandy and Kirsten even inspired Ryan and Seth’s ways of treating women in their relationships, teaching the boys how to own up to their faults and fix them when needed. Without Sandy and Kirsten’s sage advice, Seth probably wouldn’t have ended up married to Summer, and Ryan wouldn’t have known how to manage a relationship with a headstrong woman like Taylor, who shared some of Kirsten’s most admirable personality traits. Here are 11 moments that Sandy and Kirsten showed us they were the OTP of The O.C., hands down.

1. When Ryan Came Into The Family


Kirsten initially wasn't on board when Sandy brought in Ryan, since she was worried about Ryan's criminal past. Instead of letting this become a big issue in their relationship, though, Kirsten decided to keep an open mind and embraced Ryan into the Cohen family.

2. When They Got Through Affairs


Sandy briefly cheated on Kirsten when his first love, Rebecca Bloom, came to town. Then Kirsten becomes an alcoholic and also cheats with her co-worker Carter Buckley. Even though they both had affairs, the duo realized that their love for each other was much stronger than any other relationship.

3. When Sandy Sent Kirsten To Rehab

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After realizing how much alcoholism had affected Kirsten, to the point where she almost died after driving under the influence, Sandy decided to take action and convince her to go to rehab. His wife's health was his top priority.

4. When Sandy Ate Kirsten's Food Even Though She Couldn't Cook


Despite how much Sandy teased Kirsten about not being able to cook, he still ate her meals when she decided to try out cooking.

5. When Sandy Was There For Kirsten After Caleb's Death

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Kirsten spiraled into depression as she struggled with alcoholism and her father's death, but Sandy was there. Even when she screamed at Sandy in the middle of the reception while drunk, he tried to do anything to help.

6. When Sandy Serenaded Kirsten For Their Anniversary

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Sandy might've been terrible at remembering their anniversary, but he definitely made it up to Kirsten in a huge way, celebrating the day with an incredible, last-minute party at The Bait Shop. He even reunited with his band and serenaded her.

7. When They Had An Adorable Meet-Cute

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In the flashback to how it all began, Sandy and Kirsten were shown meeting in college, with Democrat activist Sandy (played by Max Greenfield from New Girl) trying to convince Kirsten that she should change her mind about voting for Republican candidates.

8. Whenever They Celebrated Valentine's Day

Sandy knew how much Valentine's Day meant to Kirsten, so each year he tried to do something big for her. Even when they were at odds with each other, he still managed to shower her with gifts and show that he cared.

9. When They Were Honest About Past Relationships


Before the arrival of their baby, Kirsten had an open conversation with Sandy about her past with Jimmy. This is one of those moments that shows how important communication was for the couple.

10. When Sandy Protected Kirsten During The Earthquake

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When faced with an earthquake destroying Newport, Sandy quickly decided to protect Kirsten. Even though she wasn't badly injured, Sandy took her to the hospital and made sure she'd be OK.

11. When They Created Chrismukkah


Chrismukkah was mostly Seth's thing, but Sandy and Kirsten felt it was important to raise him with both religions and holidays, which showed how they didn't let their difference backgrounds become an issue in the relationship.

Nothing can beat Sandy and Kirsten's perfectly imperfect relationship.