Sandy & Kirsten Of 'The O.C.' Were The Show's Real OTP & Here's The Proof

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Although Seth and Summer might seem to be the top contenders for the title of best O.C couple ever, let’s face it: Seth and Summer are nowhere near as amazing as Sandy and Kirsten, the OTP of The O.C. The couple experienced every hardship you can imagine: death, cheating, alcoholism, even a freakin’ earthquake. They showed that a marriage can survive through many challenges, and the importance of trying to work through those challenges. There's no mistaking it: Sandy and Kirsten were really just the best.

Just think about it: Sandy was pretty much everyone’s dream husband, great at communicating and recognizing when he messed up. Meanwhile, Kirsten perfectly complemented him as an outspoken and independent person who was vocal about the importance of working together as a team in their marriage and as parents. They made such a great parenting team that anyone would've been lucky to be adopted by the Cohens.

Sandy and Kirsten even inspired Ryan and Seth’s ways of treating women in their relationships, teaching the boys how to own up to their faults and fix them when needed. Without Sandy and Kirsten’s sage advice, Seth probably wouldn’t have ended up married to Summer, and Ryan wouldn’t have known how to manage a relationship with a headstrong woman like Taylor, who shared some of Kirsten’s most admirable personality traits. Here are 11 moments that Sandy and Kirsten showed us they were the OTP of The O.C., hands down.