It's Sansa Vs. Jon In The 'Game Of Thrones' Premiere

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Helen Sloan/HBO

Is it just me or did it really feel like winter came tonight on the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones whenever Sansa and Jon shared the screen? The pseudo-siblings seem to have had a shift in their relationship dynamic since Jon was crowned King in the North. Could there be a Jon vs. Sansa battle coming on Game of Thrones?

With the way that things looked on Sunday night, I wouldn't be surprised if Sansa turns on Jon at some point this season. You see, back at Winterfell, the newly crowned King in the North began tending to business right away. When it came time to make a plan to defend against the White Walkers, one of the houses suggested that they tear down the homes of the Umbers in the Karstarks as punishment for their betrayal of the Starks, since they joined forces with Ramsay. Sansa immediately spoke up and suggested that instead of tearing down the homes, they should be given to those who are loyal to the Starks now. Jon immediately shut her down and said that he would not strip the families of their homes just because some of their members were reckless with their loyalties.

The two had a little bit of a banter, with Sansa openly questioning his leadership tactics, before Jon pulled the trump card by saying, "That is my decision, and my decision is final." He looked right down at his sister when he said those words and the tension was clear.

After the initial uncomfortable exchange in front of the other houses, the two siblings had another tense moment alone where Sansa made a quick remark comparing Jon's refusal to listen to people with Joffrey's leadership style. If that doesn't tell you that she is starting to waver on her loyalty to him, I don't know what will. Add in the fact that Sansa and Littlefinger have exchanged more looks about Jon's power then I can count on one hand, and you have a storm brewin'. And, since Sansa said she learned a lot from Cersei, I'd be a little scared if I were Jon right now. House Stark may have more battles to fight within their walls than they do outside of them.