Schmidt's First Name Is Revealed On 'New Girl'

Ray Mickshaw/Fox

I've been faithfully watching New Girl every week for the past six seasons, and even I didn't realize that we still didn't have the answer to one of the show's biggest mysteries: Schmidt's full name. Since the beginning, everyone's called him Schmidt, and I've never really questioned it... but now, the truth is out there, and I never would have guessed it in a million years. On Tuesday night's episode, New Girl revealed Schmidt's first name, and it looks like we've got another Winston in the house, everybody.

The big reveal came because Schmidt wanted to distance himself from other people with his last name who could harm his reputation (mainly when someone Googled him). As CeCe pointed out, the clear, easy solution to this problem was for him to start going by his first name like a regular person, but that was impossible. Why? Because he shared it with his BFF and former roommate, and it would be way too confusing for them both to have the same first name.

And even though Schmidt tried to rightfully claim the crown of the reigning Winston name, it just wasn't happening. There's already a Winston, and he was not willing to give his name up for anything.

In the end, Winston offered Schmidt the name if he really needed it, and Winston is happy going by the nickname "The Bish," because of course he is. And that was the perfect answer, until CeCe told him she loved him... as in she said, "I love Winston." Yeah, that's not going to happen.

Despite a bit of wrestling in the end, Winston remains Winston, and Schmidt... still had no idea what he was going to be called. He should totally stay Schmidt, though, because, you know, Schmidt happens. What other name would that ever work with?