A Big Schmidt Reveal Is Coming To 'New Girl' & Longtime Fans Won't Want To Miss It

The biggest mystery in New Girl history will be solved in the penultimate episode of Season 6 — unless Winston's ex-wife Rhonda is orchestrating another one of her insanely elaborate pranks. Schmidt's first name is finally going to be revealed, and the loft's most dapper (former) resident is not happy about it. In a new promo shared by TVLine, Schmidt laments that it's the "Worst name in the history of names."

What could possibly be that bad? After years of buildup, I half expect New Girl to zag and give Schmidt a completely normal first name that he just happens to find repulsive. This is Schmidt, after all. The man for whom the Douche Bag Jar was invented is known for being especially persnickety, and even more likely than Jess to use the word "persnickety."

As exciting as the idea of finally knowing what name Schmidt's parents gave him is, the reveal is also one more sign Season 6 may be the beloved show's last. Fox hasn't decided the sitcom's fate just yet, but star Jake Johnson recently tweeted he felt there was a 50/50 chance for renewal. Whether or not Jess and the gang return for another season or not, there's no denying Season 6 has been busy wrapping up loose ends.

This season has been all about the characters growing up. Nick finished and self-published his book, Cece and Schmidt are homeowners, Winston is engaged, and Jess finally landed her dream job as principal. The only item not checked off the show's to-do list is reunite Nick and Jess, and given the state of Nick's relationship with Reagan, the finale could give fans closure on that front as well.

If New Girl does get a Season 7, it will have to deal with the fact that the characters have all reached a place in their lives where living together doesn't make as much sense as it used to. Once Winston and Ally get married, they're likely to leave the loft as well, leaving just Nick and Jess in the gang's old haunt. The show could definitely still work, but the way it tells stories and the types of stories it tells would have to adapt.

No matter what happens, the big reveal of Schmidt's name marks the end of an era. The gang is all grownup and all of their secrets will have been revealed. Don't get too nostalgic for the good old days though, because you know Schmidt's irrational reaction to finally disclosing the name he hates so much is going to make for a legendary episode.


The big moment is set to happen in "San Diego," airing Tuesday, March 28 on Fox.