Sean & Catherine’s 2nd Baby Announcement Is The Absolute Cutest

Here is some exciting baby news for Bachelor Nation. Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are expecting another baby, they announced on Instagram Friday. The former Bachelor stars both shared the most adorable videos ever revealing the happy news — and with help from their one-year-old, Samuel. The cuteness is almost too much to handle.

In the video posted by Lowe, he asks his son, "Hey, Samuel, can you say 'baby'?" Samuel tries to say "baby," and it comes out more like "babo", but who really cares, because, he is the sweetest thing ever. Plus, he's only one and the fact that he seems to understand what's going on is amazing. Heck, Samuel even points to Giudici's belly. Yes, maybe his parents told him to do so, but that just means he's really good at following directions.

On Giudici's Instagram, she shared a photo of herself and Samuel and wrote next to it, "BABA NUMBA TWO." She also posted a video with her son asking him, "Samuel, what's this?" while pointing to her stomach. He answers, "Baba". She asks him again and then Samuel starts to cry. "Are you upset? OK, give me kiss," Giudici says to Samuel — and he does. Seriously, if you haven't already fallen in love with this family, you will after watching both videos.

Giudici and Lowe first met on The Bachelor Season 17. Obviously, Lowe ended up giving his final rose and an engagement ring to Giudici and they've been together ever since. They got married in January 2014, which also aired on television.

In June, Giudici opened up to People about the possibility of a second child. "Sean and I have always been open about the fact that we want more children. I think our lifestyle right now has been not as expected from before." She continued, "We were like, 'Oh, we’ll totally knock them out and we’ll be so quick and get it over with,' just because it’s a long time of being pregnant and having a newborn."

The 31-year-old reality star added, "But we just enjoy Samuel so much right now that we haven’t nailed anything down. We didn’t really plan for him, so it’s kind of been that same thing — we’re just enjoying life together and we’ll see what happens."

In September, Lowe opened up to People about potentially expanding their family and said a second baby is "not off in the distance because Catherine wants a big family — she’s convinced she wants several more kids." He also added, "And I’m 33 going on 34, so we better get crackin’ sooner or later! I would say that hopefully in 2018 we have another one." Well, either he already knew they were expecting at that point or his wish came true.

As fans might recall, in April 2015, the Bachelor couple played quite the April Fools' Day joke by trying to convince their followers Giudici was pregnant with her first child. She shared an Instagram of what appeared to be a baby bump and captioned the image, "17 weeks :)".

It turned out to be nothing but a prank. At the time, her rep told People, "Strangely enough, [the father] is Andy Dick. They met at Dancing with the Stars and have kept their love alive in secret but now the time has come to reveal that they are all one big happy, mixed family." Obviously, that statement isn't for real, as her rep also confirmed to the outlet it was all for April Fools' Day.

However, in December 2015, they officially announced they were really expecting their first child. Next to a photo of himself and Giudici, with his hand resting on her stomach, Lowe wrote, "It’s happening! I’m going to be a dad!" They welcomed Samuel Thomas Lowe into the world in July 2016.

After Samuel's birth, both Giudici and Lowe shared all kinds of tweets and photos of their baby boy, so the same will also probably be done when baby number two arrives. Here's hoping they also post videos of Samuel with his little sister or brother, because you know they'll be just as cute as when he helped his parents announce Giudici's second pregnancy.