'Game Of Thrones' Fans Are Totally Losing It Over This Night King Moment

by Victoria McNally

What's cooler than being cool? Sorry, André 3000 fans, the answer to that question is no longer "ice cold" — it's actually "riding an ice dragon on your way to kill everyone in Westeros," as the Season 7 finale of Game Of Thrones just revealed. After the Night King raised Daenerys' poor fallen dragon back from the dead at the end of the previous episode, everyone knew it was only a matter of time before he rode it into battle — but nobody expected it to happen so soon, or that it would close out the series. Just looking at how Game Of Thrones fans reacted to the Night King riding a dragon shows how impressive it was.

Every season of Game Of Thrones ends with either an intense cliffhanger or a triumphant victory, and since last season has Daenerys confidently riding off into the sunset with her new fleet of Greyjoy ships, it made sense that this year would be different. And oh, how different it was; while everybody was down in King's Landing squabbling (or maybe boning, in Daenerys and Jon's case), the Night King took the opportunity to make his move to destroy the wall — and was successful. Having a dragon wight at your disposal certainly helps, I suppose.

Some Fans Were Just Shocked About The Wall

Well, that was easy.

People Had Serious Questions About That Blue Fire Breath

And a lot of people really didn't get how Viserion's new ice breath works. Is it that thing where fire is so hot that it gets blue? Or is it magic cold fire? How does the Night King get him to even do it? Does this mean he's not really an ice dragon? Seriously, what's even going on here?

Many People Worried About Tormund

But Most People Were Just Ready To See The Night King Do His Thing

I mean, I know he's the villain but... yeah, same.

And a lot of fans (myself included) are real nervous about what might have happened to Tormund Giantsbane. How's he going to reunite with Brienne and tell her how perfect she is if he's dead by ice dragon?

Unfortunately, this is the last episode of Game Of Thrones for a while — the next and final season might not premiere until 2019. But, I guess if we could all wait for winter to come over the past seven years, what's two more to see what happens to Tormund, right?