Selena Gomez 'Fetish' Lyrics Exude Confidence With A Little Help From Gucci Mane


Although her next album hasn't been officially announced just yet, lately, Selena Gomez has been killing it with her singles. It's impossible to turn on the radio without hearing "Bad Liar," and now, she's sending off another catchy song into the world. On Wednesday night, Gomez dropped "Fetish," her latest single featuring Gucci Mane, and it's definitely a continuation of that different sound she's been talking about. Gomez's "Fetish" lyrics are all about confidence, and the song is a perfect way for her to continue her transition into this new era of her music.

Overall, the lyrics of "Fetish" are pretty simple and repetitive, but even so, it's pretty clear that this is almost a total role reversal for her. In "Bad Liar," Gomez sang about how she had a crush (in the music video, it was on her gym teacher), but in "Fetish," she is the crush — and it doesn't come as a shock to her that she'd be the object of someone's fantasies.

Of course, this has been old news to Gomez's fans, because what's not to love about the 24-year-old actor and singer? But hearing Gomez proclaim that if she were you, she'd "do me, too," makes this a powerful anthem for anyone who's feeling themselves.

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The first verse sets the tone for the entire song:

Maybe the person she's singing about is threatening to leave, but Gomez isn't concerned — who would leave her when her reflection looks that good?

Then, in the pre-chorus and chorus, which are repeated three times throughout the song, Gomez admits that while she totally understands why the object of her affection would be a little addicted to her, even when "I push you out," they come running right back.

Of course whoever she's singing about has a fetish for her love. This is Selena Gomez, guys.


Then, she launches into the second verse:

Like origami, y'all. This is getting serious. But as Gomez sings herself, even if they reach their limit, they still can't quit it.


Then, in Gucci Mane's featured verse, he's rapping from the opposite perspective: the person Gomez has been singing about.

Mane's admitting that Gomez is totally right, and he's addicted to her... but also admitting that she's not quite as tough on the outside as she seems. Oh, and she can call him up anytime for a diamond as clear as a bottle of water. Um, jealous?

The song ends with one more repeat of the chorus to drive the point home — it doesn't matter what Mane is rapping about, because as far as Gomez is concerned, she's got him wrapped around her finger. She's that good.

Whether you need a pick me up or just want to celebrate your own self confidence, "Fetish" is the perfect song to listen to if you want to feel like you can take on the world. Now, all we need is for Gomez to release a full album, because if her singles are any indication, it may be her best yet.