Selena Gomez Has A Curly Lob Now & Here's How To Recreate It

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's officially sweater weather, and with cuddly knits and long turtlenecks, lobs are reigning supreme. To give you some major hair inspiration on what to do with your own tresses this fall, you have to look no further than Selena Gomez's curly ombre lob. The new haircut was the perfect compliment to her black turtleneck sweater.

Gomez has been wearing her hair in a shoulder-skimming lob for quite some time now, but she gave it a refresh this week. On Sept. 12, Gomez's long-time stylist, Marissa Marino, shared a photo of the artist's new color and style. Marino has been Gomez's stylist since 2013, so she is the mastermind behind all of Gomez's trend-setting cuts and colors — from her messy french braids to her '60s inspired updos. Seeing how Marino lightened Gomez's color with a warm ombre, Marino went against the status quo of going darker for fall.

In the beginning of the summer, Gomez wore her hair straight with an all-over dark brown color. But with this fresh update, a honey brown ombre addd light and warmth to her look. Her air-dried, brushed out curls also softened Gomez's lob, moving her hairstyle from an overly stylized look to a natural one.

To give you an idea how this subtle update isn't all that subtle, here is a look of Gomez's previous style. While she had slight caramel highlights to give her dark hair some dimension, this new golden ombre really lightened up her hair by many levels.

If you love the way Gomez's curly lob looks, then you will be happy to know that it's relatively easy to recreate at home. For those who have naturally curly hair, the process starts with the shampoo.

1. Choose Lightweight Shampoo

"If you want to steal this look and you have natural waves to work with, start with a clean lightweight shampoo and conditioner to help natural curls come to life without weighing them down," Beth Weber, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Refuge Hair, tells Bustle. Weber's choices are Oribe Signature Shampoo and Refuge Hair's Lock In Conditioner.

2. Use Texture Lotion While Diffusing

"Second step to prepping your natural wave is to use Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion roots to ends. Once applied you can diffuse using a T3 dryer with their soft curl diffuser." Weber suggests concentrating on your midsection, since you don’t need too much volume at the crown and you want your ends to fall softer. "After you are 70% dry, use a couple more pumps of Matte Waves Texture Lotion to redefine the waves. Shake out your style and enjoy Gomez level waves," Weber explains.

If you have straight hair, the process is a little different.

1. Wash Your Hair With Volume Shampoo

"Again we need to start with the correct foundation. Wash with Oribe Magnificent Volume Shampoo and condition with the light weight Refuge Hair Lock-In Conditioner.

2. Blow Dry With Finishing Spray

Blow dry using Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray on damp hair roots to ends. Yes, this finishing spray on wet hair is amazing," Weber says. Weber recommends just blow drying your hair upside down so you get an effortless finish to your blow dry.

3. Create Waves With A One Inch Barrel

Then to create the waves, Weber says to use a one inch curling iron, and she says that the Paul Mitchell one inch iron is a total steal.

"Take small sections, and alternate the direction of the curl. This will ensure a wave that mimics a natural pattern," Weber says. "Make sure to leave the ends out of your curls so they appear softer. Once your curls have cooled, shake out the style." Then if your hair tends to fall flat, Weber says that Oribe makes a cult favorite dry texture spray that would finish this look perfectly.

Follow these tips and you too can have a soft lob just like Gomez's that's perfect for sweater weather.