Selena Gomez's First Rare Beauty Product Could Be Foundation

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Selena Gomez announced her brand, Rare Beauty, in early February. As the month comes to a close, the singer is giving fans the chance to get involved as well as a major hint at what is launching. Turns out, Gomez may be taking the Fenty Beauty approach with Rare Beauty foundation and concealer as some of the brand's first products.

According to Allure, Gomez is launching the #WeAreRare community call, a request for stories about what makes you rare. 50 people from the call will be chosen to share their story in the brand's first campaign and receive sneak peek products and merchandise. To be considered, applicants must share their rare story, but the clue to what Gomez is launching comes in the other requirement: a Sephora Color IQ.

For those who aren't loyal shoppers at the black and white hued retailer, the Sephora Color IQ is a combination of numbers and letters that represent your perfect foundation and concealer shade. Employees use a handheld device that captures the surface of the skin to generate the ID which shoppers can then use to sort through complexion products.

Since Rare Beauty is requesting a Sephora Color IQ from applications to the #WeAreRare campaign, Rare Beauty foundation and concealer is likely on its way in summer 2020.

Rare Beauty's community call may be the most obvious sign that Gomez is launching complexion products, but it's not the only one. When the singer and actor announced her new beauty brand, fans got a behind-the-scenes look at development with footage of Gomez herself trying out samples.

While viewers saw her testing multiple lip and eye products, in one particular moment, she appears to be applying foundation down the side of her face near the jawline — the most common place to test a foundation shade.

Rare Beauty/YouTube

Now, not only can fans expect bold lipsticks and eye products, but a Rare Beauty complexion range also seems to be well on its way to Sephora stores in 2020.

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