Selina Continues To Rack Up Post-Presidential Failures On 'Veep'

by Caitlin Flynn
Justin M. Lubin/HBO

As part of her ongoing quest to stay relevant, Selina travels to the Republic of Georgia on Veep for the country's first free and open election. "Spreading democracy is one of the cornerstones of my foundation," she declares upon arrival — a fact that's news to her staff. Gary didn't know Georgia was a country and Selina is, of course, really there to further her agenda and get material for this upcoming memoir of hers. But, she quickly gets distracted by some illegal bribes from the candidates and Selina's post-presidential failures on Veep are honestly getting a little difficult to keep track of at this point.

Selina's charity has now somewhat laughably been renamed "The Selina Meyer Foundation For Adult Literacy, AIDS, and the Advancement of Global Democracy. (And she thought The Smith College School For Public Policy and Women's Studies was a bit of a "word salad.") Upon her arrival in Georgia, one candidate immediately pulls Selina aside to offer a sizable donation of $10 million (under the guise of an untraceable Georgian AIDS foundation, of course) to put towards her presidential library — a goal that Selina just can't seem to quit. She immediately hurries over to Ben and Kent to ask if she should take the money and they concur that it's hard to say.

"At least when I was Leader of the Free World, people told me what to do," Selina opines. It's yet another reminder of just how frightening it is that she was the most powerful person in the country for a full year — especially because, given America's current state of affairs, I can't help but think I'd prefer the Meyer administration to the Trump administration.

The opposing candidate offers her $15 million, causing the initial bribery rate to rise to $20 million. "They're both crooks. What's the difference?" Selina asks Ben. His answer? Five million dollars. The highest bidder wins the election, so that settles that, right? Not quite — as Selina & Co. watch the news on their flight back to America, the "winner" is arrested and hauled off to prison before he can be sworn in. As a result of the highly unsuccessful attempt at democracy, a coup breaks out in the country.

At first, Selina is unconcerned and jokes that "he'll have a lot of stories to tell the firing squad." After all, the $20 million is safely on its way to her — and if there's one thing Veep fans know to be true, it's that Selina only looks out for Selina. Unfortunately for the ex-prez, there's a catch — the exchange rate plummeted after the coup, so the $20 million donation is now worth a cool $389,000.

Blissfully clueless as always, Richard Splett says, "way to go, ma'am!" Mhm.