Selma Blair Shared A New Instagram Post Saying She’ll Be Immunocompromised For 3 Months

by Carolyn de Lorenzo
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In a recent Instagram post, actor Selma Blair revealed that her multiple sclerosis (MS) treatments will leave her immunocompromised for the time being. The star candidly discloses her MS experience with fans on social media, and doesn’t shy away from discussing the challenges she faces while managing her illness. Blair’s new Instagram post shares more insight into her MS treatment, PEOPLE reported. According to PEOPLE, the star said she has ups and downs, and never knows how she’ll feel from day to day. “It’s constant weakness and fatigue,” Blair told PEOPLE.

Not one to back down from her health challenges, the star’s post about her treatment is resoundingly optimistic. “Today is a banner day,” she said. “I am being discharged from the care of an incredible team of nurses and techs and a visionary Dr. who believes in my healing as much as I do. This has been a process. And will continue to be one. I am immunocompromised for next three months at least. So no kisses please. I wanted to make sure all complications here were my private space. And we got through brilliantly.” Blair also thanked her fans for “all your love and support,” and expressed her desire to share her process with her audience. “I see things so much more clearly now,” she wrote. “And I am excited to share this journey when I am ready. For now, I have recovery.”

Blair’s new post also highlighted her recently shaved head. No longer able to lift her arms to style her locks, the actor first unveiled her new shorter ‘do in a previous Instagram post — but now, her signature blond bob is completely shaved off. The actor told Women’s Health that her young son, Arthur, 7, helped her cut her hair.

Diagnosed with MS in August of 2018, the star shared the news publicly that October, according to Amy Sciarretto in a previous report for Bustle. Since MS has affected Blair’s fine motor skills, completing certain tasks, like brushing her hair, is not always possible now. Blair told PEOPLE that MS has also caused her to lose her appetite, and leaves her feeling nauseous. Spasmodic dysphonia, a neurological weakening of the vocal cords that makes her voice shake, is another ongoing symptom. “I feel like throwing up all the time,” Blair told PEOPLE.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Despite her symptoms, the actor says that she appreciates everything that she is able to do. “I celebrate everything! If I take a shower, if I put on eyeliner,” she said.

The star also acknowledges her son’s resilience, and told PEOPLE that “He’s had to endure a lot; he’s seen a lot,” Even as he’s witnessed his mom’s MS symptoms, like losing her balance and falling down stairs, Arthur says that “Mommy’s not sick. Mommy’s brave,” the actor told PEOPLE.

While not revealing much about treatment results, or the expected prognosis, in her latest Instagram post, Blair seems intent upon celebrating every victory — no matter how small. And if her previous social media activity is any indication, she’ll surely share her journey with humility, humor, and optimism along the way.