Here's The Important Reason Sephora Is Closing All Its Stores For An Hour On June 5

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Multiple beauty brands have made a commitment to inclusivity. Whether it's an extensive shade range like Fenty Beauty's Pro Filt'r Foundation or Anastasia Beverly Hills support of men in beauty, there are brands that work hard to be inclusive. Now, Sephora's "We Belong To Something Beautiful" pledge will see a major beauty retailer added to the list of those working to make the beauty world a more diverse and welcoming space.

On May 23, Sephora announced the creation and adoption of a new platform and tagline "We Belong To Something Beautiful." The new Sephora motto is a plan of action for the brand, a promise to continue working to making the beauty space a more inclusive environment for everyone. The brand and its new platform has been created to make all of Sephora's diverse customers and employees feel a sense of belonging.

In order to adopt the new platform, Sephora will be shutting down all of its stores, distribution centers, call centers, and home office nationwide for an hour on June 5 in order to have a dialogue with its over 16,000 employees regarding the retailer's commitment to inclusivity, how to continue fostering a sense of belonging, and how trainings will keep these moments continuing long beyond June 5.

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As part of the new platform for Sephora, the retailer has adopted a new manifesto that represent its desire to continue to work toward equality and inclusivity. The manifesto reads, "Sephora believes in championing all beauty, living with courage, and standing fearlessly together to celebrate our differences. We will never stop building a community where diversity is expected, self-expression is honored, all are welcomed, and you are included."

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While Sephora may be adapting a new platform and expressing a new manifesto, the retailer has been working toward creating a more diverse and welcoming space for a bit now.

The retailer's Sephora Stands initiative is an arm of the retailer that works in a multitude of different ways. Sephora Stands Accelerate helps to support female entrepreneurs in the beauty industry through its months long program that provides mentorships and grants. Then, there's the Together Fund which matches employee contributions to charities and encourage volunteer work. The retailer also offers Classes for Confidence: free, 90-minute makeup lessons for those with cancer as well as classes for trans and non-binary people in the workforce.

While Sephora has been working to foster a sense of belonging their their existing Sephora Stands initiative, the retailer's new move to create an entirely new platform based on inclusivity is a major moment. Brands have been held to a higher standard over the past few years, but retailers often seem to be left out of those conversations.

Now, Sephora is taking the conversation and moving it forward with its employees and customers. The new "We Belong To Something Beautiful" platform welcomes everyone including those who are current shoppers, those who have shopped at the store in the past, and its over 16,000 employees to create an inclusive community.