The Best Beauty Channel On YouTube Isn’t Even Run By An Influencer

Beauty channels on YouTube are dominated by influencers, and there's a good reason for that. Bottom line, they're talented. From tutorials on cut creases to reviews on new products, there's a lot to learn from gurus. However, Sephora's YouTube channel may just have the best beauty tutorials on the social platform, no influencers involved. The ultra-informative tutorials aren't your traditional how-tos from gurus. Instead, the videos come straight from Sephora Pro team members and mostly center on technique instead of looks, and it's the perfect place to go if you're looking to up your makeup game.

While beauty vloggers do offer tips on how to prevent cake face and walk viewers through look tutorials, when it comes to actual technique videos, they appear to be less frequent. That may well be because they're just not popular among a guru's subscribers. If, however, you're looking for how-to videos, tips for your skin tone, and the basics of makeup application, Sephora's YouTube is going to be your new go-to.

One glance at the topics on the channel, and you'll see that the retailer features videos on everything from hair to makeup to skincare. Whether it's a get "unready" with me video with a Sephora team member or a video specifically about the differences between bronzer and contour, it's all there and ready for your eyes.

The Sephora videos feature products sold at the stores, but they don't focus on one brand. Instead, they simply suggest the best products for certain skin types, concerns, and looks. While they do have videos regarding the Sephora Play! subscription boxes and Sephora brand products, the majority of their videos center on helping subscribers up their makeup game.

As for their upload schedule, the channel is insanely consistent uploading multiple times a week on multiple subjects. Plus, if you're looking for a specific type of video, they're available in convenient playlist from the channel's main page.

What are some of the technique and how-to videos you should check out to get your makeup game up there with these pros?

How To Contour, Blush, & Highlight

Sephora Pro Jeffrey takes you through the steps to achieve a perfect, everyday contour, blush, and highlight. He explains exactly what the technique is meant to do to the face and the best way to use products to achieve a sculpted look.

How To Fix Makeup Mistakes

Jeffrey and Myiesha are basically a Sephora dynamic duo. In this video, the pair run through common mistakes while applying makeup and the easiest (and pro-approved) way to fix them without freaking out.

Covering Under Eye Circles

David doesn't just walk you through how to hide your under eye circles. He also explains what each product is doing, how ingredients work, and what combination of products will work best to help your look.

Common Beauty Questions Answered

Sephora doesn't choose the topics they create all on their own. They also take time to go through comments on videos, look for common beauty questions, and answer them in new videos. They truly want you to be knowledgeable and will definitely answer your questions. Plus, they respond to your comments. Talk about commitment.

How To Create A Look

Sephora isn't all technique, though. They also do common beauty trends. From halo eyes to party looks, there are tutorials aplenty so you can learn how to craft a certain look.

Foundation Tips

If you want the perfect base, Sephora has you covered there, too. From how to prime for the best coverage to techniques that won't give you cake face, the pros are giving you every bit of information they know.

Clearly, Sephora's YouTube channel is everything. With a diverse group of models in both race and age, incredible information, and a variety of videos, the brand's YouTube channel is a must-watch.