Serena Williams Announced Her Pregnancy By Mistake

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

I think it's safe to say that a lot of people have dealt with the embarrassment of accidentally posting something on social media, but, luckily, for one tennis star it worked out just fine. After announcing she was expecting on Snapchat last week, Serena Williams revealed that she shared her pregnancy news by mistake. But it looks like it all worked out the way it was meant to. Plus, she looked gorgeous in the photo, which is not something I can say for most of my accidental Snapchats.

According to Us Weekly, Williams told Gayle King at a TED conference in Vancouver, “On social media you press the wrong button and…30 minutes later I missed four calls and I’m like, ‘That’s weird.’”

She revealed that, like many new mothers, she was documenting every week of her belly to keep a record for herself, and well, thousands of her fans got a sneak peek, too.

She continued,

“I have this thing where I've been checking my status and taking pictures every week to see how far along I'm getting ... I’ve been so good about it, but this was the one time it slipped."
Serena Williams/Snapchat

Even though it was technically a mistake, Williams' announcement seemed to come at the perfect time and she even told King, “I was only going to wait five or six more days.”

First off, if I were her, I would be very happy that this was the photo that I posted accidentally, because it's such a cute one of her in a great swimsuit.

Just a few days after her initial slip, she posted another bathing suit pic, this time with a beautiful caption dedicated to her unborn child:

Even though her reveal was accidental at first, it looks like Williams will be sharing her first pregnancy with her fans loud and proud from now on.