Seth Meyers Blasts Trump's Charlottesville Response In A Furious Monologue — VIDEO

On Monday night, Late Night host Seth Meyers blasted President Trump's response to the Charlottesville violence in a furious, no-holds-barred monologue.

Meyers also condemned Trump for not immediately showing sympathy for the victim of the deadly violence, Heather Heyer, and for not using the word "terrorist" to describe the white nationalist who committed the violence: "It was a horrifying incident that left most of the country stunned and terrified, but on Saturday you didn't hear [Heather Heyer's] name, or the terrorist's name, or even the word 'terrorist' from our president," Meyers noted.

Over the weekend, white supremacists rallied in Charlottesville to prevent the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Counter-protestors — including Heyer — were there to demonstrate against the alt-right agitators. A clash broke out and police intervened.

Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube

Meyers further criticized Trump for initially saying that in Charlottesville, there was violence "on many sides."

"'On many sides,'" Meyers repeated. "If that choice of words made you feel sick to your stomach, the good news is you're a normal and decent person. The jury is still out on the president as he initially refused to condemn the white supremacist movement in this country."

It was not until two days later that President Trump finally condemned the white supremacist faction. On Monday, two days after the violence, Trump made comments that some felt were still inadequate.

Seth Meyers was not the only late night host to decry the president's handling of the Charlottesville violence — Jimmy Fallon also had harsh words for Trump on The Tonight Show.